Xiaomi Phones with Snapdragon 888 that are on the Way

We already have the first range caps for 2021 about to hit the market. In fact, the new Galaxy S21 is expected to arrive in January, and even sooner, the Xiaomi Mi 11 with the new Snapdragon 888 processor, by the end of this month. Now we know that there are more models that are prepared with this chip.

Xiaomi Phones with Snapdragon 888

As you know, so far we have known that both the top of the range of Redmi and Xiaomi will have this process, and that they are in full development. Well, today we have learned that another of its most popular mobiles is also acquiring this technology.

Yes, there is also a Black Shark with the new processor

The third in contention is the new Black Shark model that is on the way, and that we will probably know at the beginning of 2021. As you know, this firm of the Xiaomi ecosystem develops very powerful gaming mobiles.

black shark 3s tumbado

On this occasion, it was the leakster Digital Chat Station that revealed Xiaomi’s plans for the brand’s new gaming mobile. It is the new top of the range from Black Shark , known by its internal name as ” Emperor ” that will have the Snapdragon 888 as a processor. Something that was to be expected, considering that its predecessors had the top-of-the-range processors from Qualcomm.

snapdragon 888

The top of the Redmi range will go ahead

In addition to this information, Digital Chat Station ensures that the top of the Redmi range will arrive well before the Redmi K30 Pro and K30 Pro Zoom did. These had a Snapdragon 865 processor, therefore it was expected that they would arrive at the end of March, but it will not be like that, and they would arrive much earlier with the new processor, because the Snapragon 888 will debut. Therefore, it is to be expected that if at the end of this month we will have the new Xiaomi Mi 11, the new top of the range of Redmi should be presented between the month of January and February , perhaps for the Chinese New Year. Regarding the Black Shark , it would not be strange if it is ahead as well.

Redmi K30 Ultra

It was presented in March of this year, and the normal thing is that it also arrives in the first quarter, even in January or February. Therefore, the trident of Xiaomi’s high-end range in the coming months will be the Xiaomi Mi 11, the Redmi K40 Pro and the Black Shark 4 , all three releasing the Snapdragon 888, which this time it seems that it will be able to easily surpass the processor power of the iPhone 12, the Apple A14 Bionic, which every year has a Power Plus. Something that was to be expected, a Black Shark with this processor, but that is now taking shape.