Analysis of the Free Lingvanex Translation App for Android

The functionality of mobile terminals has been increasing gradually over time. So much so, that it is already possible to use it to pay in restaurants and, also, as an aid when translating into different languages. An application that allows exactly this is Lingvanex of which we tell what it offers.

This is one of the most complete translation developments that you can find today, among which they are not complicated to use. And this is a virtue. There are no great fancies in this app, since everything is perfectly structured and has a lower ribbon that is of great help and that it is possible to expand (showing, in this way, all the options of use it offers and therefore dispenses with a Lateral Menu). By the way, the colors used, in which white predominates, are a success.

One of the great virtues that Lingvanex has is that it is almost impossible not to find the language to which you want to translate something, in our tests we have not found possibilities like Bengali. An excellent example that you will not have problems in this section. By the way, the good news is that this work can be used without an Internet connection (you have to download the language packs to use) so, if you see yourself at a time when you don’t have mobile data, the usefulness of this software remains complete.

Something that we liked a lot about the application we are talking about is that it is possible to use it in different ways. In addition to written texts , you can also speak by using the phone’s microphone and have the application perform the translation online. In addition, it is also possible to use images and documents … but, in this case, the free version of Lingvanex is not functional, so you have to pay for the full version (which consists of an annual payment of about 5 euros). Obviously, the results you get in translations can be shared regularly on Android.

Lingvanex usage options

Bearing in mind that simplicity is the predominant note in this development, since in the central area you can see what is written and, just below, the translation of the text. It should be noted that this application includes interesting possibilities. An example is that there is the possibility of reviewing different phrases in common use (for example, with family or at work) and that, therefore, you can see how it is written already translated. This we close that is very useful.

Something that we really liked is the reliability of the traditions with the voice , which are much more reliable than expected. And, also, some small details that make it different from other similar works. An example is that you can see a translation with a huge text on the screen to, in this way, teach it to your interlocutor without any difficulty in reading. If you ask yourself about the requirements of this app, there is no problem , since in the model with 2 GB RAM we have verified that there is no difficulty for everything to work perfectly.

Get the app right now

If what you have read fits what you were looking for, you should know that you can get this job for free both in the Galaxy Store and in the Play Store , without taking up a lot of storage and with a reliability that must be classified as very good in the traditions, this Android development is worth giving a try.