New “PRO” mode for the camera of Samsung mobiles

New "PRO" mode for the camera of Samsung mobiles

Professional cameras have increasingly difficult competition and is that smartphones have ended up becoming a photographic revelation. However, not everything has been said and there are still some limitations that little by little, as Samsung has done with its latest update, will balance the balance even more.

Possibly, if you have ever used the professional mode in the camera on a Samsung mobile , you may have noticed a problem that does not limit and that is that we cannot use it with the telephoto lens. Although it is apparently something simple, until now only the high-end terminals supported the wide angle and main lens, but now things change.

What changes does it bring?

As the user @FrontTron has been able to discover us through Twitter, the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has already begun to receive the change. A modification that is made effective by having Android 12 and One UI 4.0 on board through the Galaxy Store, Samsung’s app store. With this new version we will be able to use the 3x and 10x telephoto lens of the smartphone together with the Pro mode.

app samsung camara profesional

This gives us the options to control the exposure, ISO value, focus, shutter speed or white balance among other aspects. But they are not only limited to photos, since it also allows us to record video with the modifications activated. A renewed app that receives the name of Samsung Expert RAW camera , since it works with the ability to correct, modify and know the raw files of the images.

Making the app ideal for knowing the histogram, playing with the HDR results and changing the file formats to for example JPG lossless or DNG RAW 16-bit linear.

Will it reach more mobiles?

At the moment this new camera mode has only been released for the best Samsung smartphone of 2021, although it is to be expected that at least other terminals of the S21 series will receive it together with Android 12 and One UI 4.0 . It would be an interesting option for any terminal with a telephoto lens, since we will achieve the ability to photograph or record exactly with the desired results and not lose detail.

Currently, it is only possible to achieve it with the help of this APK if we have the latest software versions mentioned and it might not work if it is not the S21 Ultra model. Therefore, we can only wait for the deployment to begin in more models.