How to Download AltStore on iOS 17.4: A Step-by-Step Guide

With the rollout of iOS 17.4, Apple has opened the gates for alternative app stores, a significant shift from its long-standing App Store exclusivity. One such newcomer is AltStore, which has already stirred a mix of excitement and controversy among iPhone users.

Here’s a deep dive into what AltStore offers, how to install it, and the reactions it has garnered so far.


How to Download and Install AltStore on Your iPhone

Unlike traditional app installations via the App Store, downloading AltStore involves a different process that some users might find a bit more complex. Here’s how you can get AltStore onto your iPhone:

  1. Visit the Official AltStore Website: To start, you’ll need to go directly to the AltStore website. This is crucial to avoid any potential security risks from third-party downloads.
  2. Download the AltStore App: Once on the website, locate the section for the iOS version of the app, and click on the download button.
  3. Complete the Payment: AltStore requires a payment of 1.5 euros, plus additional taxes, to download the app—a new concept for users accustomed to free app store access.
  4. Install on Your Device: After downloading, follow the instructions to install AltStore on your iPhone, akin to installing an APK on Android devices.

User Reactions and Concerns

Shortly after its introduction, AltStore has not been without its critics. Many users have expressed dissatisfaction, particularly with the new download method and the costs associated with it. Here are some key issues highlighted by users:

  • Cost Concerns: The entrance fee of 1.5 euros, although relatively low, has been a point of contention, especially since the store currently offers only a limited selection of apps.
  • Limited App Selection: As of its launch, AltStore hosts just two apps. Many users feel that the fee is unjustified given the scant selection, though this could change as more developers join the platform.
  • New Download Process: The shift from the straightforward App Store downloads to a more manual, web-based installation process has also been a hurdle for some users.

Is AltStore Worth the Switch?

The introduction of AltStore represents a significant change in how iPhone users can obtain apps, potentially offering more freedom and variety in the future. However, the initial rollout has shown that there might be some growing pains as users adjust to the new system and as the platform struggles to expand its app offerings.

For those intrigued by the prospect of an alternative marketplace and willing to navigate the new setup process, AltStore could offer a glimpse into the future of app distribution on iOS. However, for many, the current limitations and the upfront cost might be deterrents until the platform matures and expands its catalog.