Yes, you can watch TV in the car with Android Auto

watch TV in the car with Android Auto

Google’s intelligent navigation system, Android Auto, has a somewhat limited variety of tools at its disposal, as the US company seeks to ensure that the driver suffers as few distractions as possible behind the wheel during the journey.

Briefly, some of the functions that the software brings with it are dedicated solely and exclusively to browsing or messaging . Sometimes not even that, since several users have reported problems with the GPS. Although the above does not mean that others cannot be implemented through third-party applications. You can even watch TV from Android Auto. Of course, we strongly recommend not to use this application while driving, as it could generate big problems.

First you will need AAStore

The application with which you can watch TV from the navigation assistant known as IPcarTV is not available on Google Play , since the big G does not allow it. Therefore, to access it, you will need an unofficial store called AAStore, a software that gives you the pleasure of downloading various apps that the service would not allow you to download in other circumstances.

Descargar IPcarTV

Android Auto Store can be downloaded as APK . Once installed on the smartphone, you just have to enter it and slide down until you come across IPcarTV in the list of applications. When you locate it, access it and click install to start the process.

Time to configure IPcarTV

First of all, it is necessary to highlight the information that appears when opening the application. The developers themselves warn that the use of this application while driving can cause serious accidents . For this reason, they urge to use it only when the vehicle is parked .

To start watching a television channel you must click on ‘Playlist and Favorite Channel Manager’. On the next screen you will see a message informing you that there are no playlists available. For this you will have noticed the blue button in the lower right area which you must press.

Configurar IPcarTv

First add the name of the list and then a URL that you can extract from the list of TDTChannels . Ready, you can now access the complete list of channels. However, it is possible that the application requires a small donation of 2 euros to its only developer as support to be able to enjoy them.

Be careful, because from the app itself they warn you of this. In the future Google could remove the software due to misuse of Android Auto. This means that it could be completely inoperative . In addition, you must have a good connection so that you do not suffer any type of lag.