Guide to Installing DALL-E 3 on Windows: Harness AI for Image Creation

With the rise of artificial intelligence, creating images from text prompts has never been more accessible, thanks to platforms like DALL-E 3 by OpenAI. This powerful tool, integrated with ChatGPT, transforms descriptive text into realistic and detailed images.

Let’s dive into how you can install and use DALL-E 3 on a Windows computer.

dalle on windows

Getting Started with DALL-E 3

DALL-E 3 represents the latest evolution in AI-driven image creation. Its advanced algorithms interpret text prompts with heightened accuracy, allowing for the generation of images that closely match the user’s intentions. This technology is seamlessly integrated into ChatGPT, OpenAI’s conversational AI.

It’s important to note that as of now, DALL-E 3 is not available as a standalone free version. Access to DALL-E 3 is provided at no additional cost to subscribers of ChatGPT Plus, Team, or Enterprise plans. This integration ensures that users can leverage the full capabilities of text-to-image generation within the ChatGPT interface.

Installing DALL-E 3 on Windows

Here’s how you can use DALL-E 3 on your Windows system by setting up ChatGPT as a Progressive Web Application (PWA). This method is straightforward, whether you’re using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Using Microsoft Edge:
  1. Open Microsoft Edge and navigate to the official ChatGPT website where DALL-E 3 is integrated.
  2. Go to the Edge configuration menu, select ‘Applications’, and then choose ‘Install this site as an application’.
  3. Install and pin: Follow the prompts to install ChatGPT with integrated DALL-E 3. You can also pin this application to your taskbar or start menu for quick access.
Using Google Chrome:
  1. Launch Google Chrome and visit the ChatGPT official site.
  2. Access the browser’s configuration menu and click on ‘Save and share/Create shortcut’.
  3. Create and pin the shortcut: Confirm the creation of the shortcut. Chrome will offer to pin this shortcut to your Windows taskbar, making it easy to launch the application.

Benefits of Installing as a PWA

Installing ChatGPT with DALL-E 3 as a PWA on your Windows computer offers several advantages:

  • Seamless Integration: It feels and behaves like any other installed application, providing a smooth and integrated user experience.
  • Quick Access: With the app pinned to your taskbar, starting up DALL-E 3 for new image projects is just a click away.
  • Efficiency: This setup reduces the need to navigate through browsers, streamlining your workflow in creating AI-generated images.


By setting up DALL-E 3 on your Windows computer through the PWA approach, you harness the power of advanced AI for your creative or professional projects. Whether you’re a graphic designer, marketer, or hobbyist, this tool opens up new possibilities in digital image creation.