What is the most powerful Samsung Exynos processor?

Throughout the year Samsung presents us with a series of chips with which it gives life to its smartphones. The Exynos have been improving by leaps and bounds until they are able to stand up to Qualcomm itself and the Snapdragon, but nevertheless there is only one that is really designed to lead in the high range and give all the potential we want.

the most powerful Samsung Exynos processor

If you are looking to renew your mobile and you have in your mind the idea of getting a new top-of-the-range processor, pay close attention to which is the leading processor developed by Samsung . Which is usually presented at the beginning of the year, thus giving way to a new season of models that come together with the changes in hardware that this allows them to continue improving smartphones.

The best Exynos

We have no doubts when it comes to ensuring that the Samsung Exynos 2100 chip is the best of all. A processor that on its own merits has proven to be up to the task thanks to the fact that it is developed with 5 nanometer technology that offers a significant performance improvement over its predecessors. It is based on eight cores offering a maximum performance of up to 2.9 GHz on the ARM Cortex-X1 core. The rest offer three 2.8 GHz cores and four 2.2 GHz cores because not everything is about power, but also energy savings.

Samsung exynos 2100

To achieve good results, we must also bear in mind the advantages of the GPU, which this time is the Arm Mali G78, offering graphics to match. It is also equipped with the best technologies and capabilities, starting with 5G and offering support for lenses of up to 200 Mpx that will allow us to get our best in photos and video reaching 8K resolutions.

In some tests even the Samsung processor that we are getting to know has passed over the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. Major words that have changed the opinion of many, those who preferred to use Samsung smartphones sold in the USA, where Qualcomm is used. Meanwhile in Europe, the Exynos option is the leading and only possibility.

What mobiles have this chip?

Unlike what happens with the Snapdragon chips, Samsung does not share its development with other brands and only it is the one that uses this outstanding high-end processor . This particular model is found in the Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and the best of all, known as Galaxy S21 Ultra, the entire family of top smartphones in 2021.

samsung galaxy s21 ultra

If we want to enjoy it, we will have to think about one of them, where we will not find differences in its performance or capabilities, just some key changes in its characteristics. This affects among some things the fast charge, battery capacity or the possibilities of its sensors, although the maximum is imposed by the chip.