Multiply the speed of your Android mobile

Multiply the speed of your Android mobile

Who else who less has had to suffer a slowdown over time on their smartphone, which is sometimes due to a series of bad practices or ignorance. Whatever your level of knowledge, you will be able to make your mobile faster . A few seconds when opening an app or running a game can be key and with these steps you will achieve it.

In the Android landscape we have many options and possibilities that give us the advantage of being able to squeeze the mobile, which go beyond the speed of the screen. Whether we have a smartphone of the cheapest, or if we have a high-end one, you will be able to make the mobile stop being what it is and use it again as the first day you took it out of the box. It is true that the passage of time takes its toll, but as our fellow Geek on YouTube shows us, it has a remedy.

The keys to speed up

You can put into practice all the advice that we give you or select them, although if you want to achieve the best result we invite you to check them and comply one by one. It does not matter what layer of customization your Android smartphone has or even the version, as they are options that are present in all of them.

Do you really need it?

Taking a quick look through the application drawer or the home screen, we are going to find applications that we have installed on occasion and that we have not used again. This may seem like a lesser evil, but accumulating applications that we do not use takes up storage space and that causes the terminal to have to process them or be aware of their notifications continuously.

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The same goes for memory dedicated to files, music or photos. These are elements that occupy a remarkable space and if we continue accumulating photos that we do not need, the speed will be reduced . Just by moving them to another device or using the cloud, we will be giving the mobile phone a break.

Do a cleaning

Beyond removing what we do not use, we must put the focus on the files that the cache memory accumulates little by little. Few do it manually and access each of the apps to clear the cache, or else it is much more convenient to use the cleaner on Android . Some smartphones already come standard in Settings> Storage or Memory. But if we can’t find it, we can choose to use Google Files that will help us clean the smartphone in seconds.

We should not trust other miracle applications on Google Play that promise to accelerate the mobile and make it go at full speed. In most cases, what this causes is the opposite effect. You can delete something from the cache, but on the contrary it will add to our memory an extra that you do not need and it will continually show us cleaning alerts.

Developer extras

Within the hidden menu for developers we have options that will improve the speed of the device . To put it into practice we first have to get the permissions, something that is done by going into Settings> Device information and repeatedly tapping on the build number.

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This way you will get access to all the tools. To put them into practice, you will have to enter Settings> System or Advanced options in the case of MIUI. In the option for developers we will have to locate these two sections:

  • Animation speed (which can be divided into 3 sections).
  • Buffer size.

In the case of animation speed, we can make it faster or eliminate it completely and thus avoid one more concern for the smartphone and we will not suffer lag. On the other hand, the size of the Buffer helps to process the elements faster and if we expand it, we will get more space so that the terminal does not have to load elements again.