Using Your Mobile at Night Damages Your Eyesight. Myth or Truth?

Using Your Mobile at Night Damages Your Eyesight

One of the questions that many users are increasingly asking themselves, especially now that we live in a world full of smartphones, is whether the simple fact of using the mobile phone at night is harmful to our vision. Leaving aside the hoaxes that continually arise in this regard, it is time to know if it really is harmful or not.

And we do not refer only to the use of our mobile device before sleeping at night, but when we are completely in the dark without having another source of nearby light. So it is necessary to know what is true in everything that circulates on the Internet about the fact of using the mobile in the dark.

Myths about using your mobile in the dark

One of the most widespread falsehoods is that if we use the smartphone at night it will lead us to develop different visual diseases. Although, the truth is that there is no type of scientific explanation, the same happens with the possibility that this use causes cataracts, loss of vision, etc.

chica con movil en la cama

So what can really happen to us? Visual fatigue , less lubrication due to less blinking, increased myopia are some of the consequences that can occur. However, they will not only appear for using the mobile at night, but any type of screen, in this case, when using the mobile touch panel.

In addition, this is due to the fact that these screens emit blue light and overexposure that can cause damage to our vision. In other words, it is proven that the intensive and bad use that we make of our mobile phone is increasing the rates of myopia in the world. But this does not mean that it is exclusively due to using the smartphone in the dark .

How to use the mobile at night

As a result of this, different manufacturers have different configurations that can help us avoid excessive damage to vision . And not only do we find the famous night mode, but some manufacturers such as Samsung with the blue light filter (to reduce this type of light emitted by the terminal), Huawei with its Visual Rest Mode or Xiaomi with its Reading Mode, among others.

Basically, different brands add these adjustments to protect our eyes and reduce eyestrain . In addition to this, it will also depend on each user, as it is also advisable to take breaks when using the mobile device.