How to use the emergency button on any mobile

Nobody wants to have to face a difficult situation, but this is not up to us, however. Thanks to technology we have at our disposal a very useful and practical tool that allows us to help anyone. Even if we do not have our own mobile and the other person does, we can make the emergency call , as long as we know how to start it.

For years in the Android and iPhone scene we have found a semi-hidden button that allows us to get in touch with emergencies in any country where we are. In this way, the smartphone, the place or the situation does not impress so much, since technology will come into play to help us with all its possibilities.

use the emergency button on any mobile

Steps to activate emergencies on Android

In the case of Android terminals, all smartphones have adapted their emergency button so that it is relatively similar to use it. Due to the many layers of customization that exist, it was very common for each manufacturer to use a method to activate it, although Google wanted to stop it. That is why since Android 10, many of the emergency styles have changed to work in a similar way.

If we are facing an Android mobile, it will not matter so much that it has MIUI, EMUI, One UI, ColorOS, as well as any other layer of customization. We will only have to slide our finger towards the top, as we would normally do to use the pattern or security pin. This will take us to a new window in which we have to try to locate the text where it puts emergencies. We show you what it looks like in Android Stock and the main layers.

emergencias android

Once we touch on the button in question, we will have access to a telephone dial from where we can contact those who cannot help. This method is valid even when we do not have a card or we have exhausted the calls of the rate. Also within emergencies we will have the option to view medical details, including medical history or allergies.

Quick alert on Android 12

However, if we already have the latest version of Android, we will be able to start the number of energies in a simpler and more practical way. With Android 12, the option that activates the emergency call without using the screen was applied by default, where it is only necessary to make 5 quick touches on the power button. This will show us on the screen a 5-second countdown to call the emergency number that corresponds to the place where we are.

llamada emergencias SOS

This could already be done previously in MIUI 12 and in OxygenOS among other layers, although it was a necessary option to activate that forced us to look for it within the settings. Even so, if we want to start it, we will only have to enter Settings> Passwords and security> Emergency alert and activate the quick touch function for the call.

SOS on all iPhones

Unlike what we have seen in terminals with Android, the process to follow in iOS is different. To activate emergencies we will have to press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons at the same time so that the emergency access appears, but we can also try to unlock it as we saw previously in Android 12, quickly touching the button 5 times. unlocking.

emergencias iphone

This will take us to a panel on which we only have to slide the emergencies and it will contact the emergency service of the location where we cannot find it. Also from this same point we will be able to consult the medical history or emergency indications that can be configured on the smartphones in the way that we will show you later.

What emergency number should we call?

For all those cases where for some reason the location is not able to identify the emergency number to use, there is a solution. In situations in which the emergency dialer does not show a number by default or because we have the unlocked mobile in our hands, we have to know the contact telephone number for emergencies . It is important to make calls to these numbers, since by doing so, we are forcing the use of GPS so that both the police, doctors or firefighters quickly know where we are and it is very easy for them to reach us.

llamada telefono

To facilitate emergency contact, a series of telephones have been established that are common to most countries, so we don’t have to memorize too many, we share them with you:

  • Number of emergencies throughout Europe: 112
  • SOS telephone in Russia: 112
  • Emergency telephone number in the US, Ecuador, El Salvador and other Latin American countries: 911
  • SOS number in Australia: 000
  • Number of emergencies in Asia: 119

Configure your most important data in emergencies

Not only do we need to know how to activate the emergency button on smartphones, but we should also anticipate any emergency. For this, both on Android and iOS we have an emergency panel waiting for us to be configured, where we will be able to add all the necessary medical and personal information. This is also where emergency contacts appear, in case it is necessary to call a family member or friend, but not special services.

añadir informacion emergencias

This is done in a simple way, in the iPhone you will have to enter the Health app that comes in all terminals with iOS. Then you just have to touch on our profile photo and fill in the medical data among which the blood group, our relatives, allergies or exact measurements are trained. Also from that point we will add emergency contacts from our agenda. On Android smartphones, things don’t change much even with the various layers of customization.

What we will do in the case of Android is to enter the Settings> Security and emergencies, to have access to the entire panel. In case we have the Emergencies app we can open it directly or from this panel to have everything in a simpler way. But otherwise, we will also be able to provide medical information, emergency contacts or personalize the rest of the advantages of the system, those that try to protect us.