The 5 best music apps you can use with Android Auto

Thanks to Android Auto we have the possibility of accessing different software applications that we have on our own mobile device. From using the browser directly or to even watch videos. However, one of the most used options while driving is to be able to listen to music at the wheel.

In addition, we have seen how in recent times this Google software has been improving, so that more and more are the software applications that we can use to play our favorite songs. For this reason, it is time to get to know some of the best music players that we will have at our disposal at all times once we activate Android Auto in our vehicle. And not only this, but we will see why not all apps are still compatible with this Google functionality.

5 best music apps you can use with Android Auto

Best music apps compatible with Android Auto

Safety at the wheel is always important, but this does not mean that we take into account the different options that we have at our disposal to have a good time while driving. For this reason, we are going to show you the five best apps for Android Auto that you will have available to be able to listen to music if the errors of Android Auto on board do not prevent you.

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However, all these options will be totally free to download, although in order to have more freedom when it comes to listening to music without ads and selecting the song we want, we will have to have a paid subscription.


There is no doubt that this player is the most famous in the whole world. And how could it be otherwise, it is compatible with Android Auto since it is one of the subscribers to this system of the Mountain View company. In addition, it was one of the first music apps to support this functionality from Google. This option can be used totally free , although we will have to listen to announcements from time to time.

Youtube music

Another of the great services that we can find available for our vehicle will be YouTube Music , which will replace Google’s Play Music at the end of 2020. We will also have a totally free option that will let us listen to songs for free, although again we will have to put up with the different ads that they put us.

YouTube Music Android Auto


Of the options that we present to you today it may be the most unknown, but even so it has a high rating on Google Play, and of course, compatibility with Android Auto. In addition, with this player we have some sound effects and even an equalizer with 32 different options to improve the audio of the songs. Of course, the free version will have ads and fewer functions. Of course, it is not a streaming service , that is, we will not have the songs directly from this app, but we must have them stored on our own Android mobile device.

Amazon Music

This streaming service also has an important catalog of musical variety . However, it also has a paid version that will make us totally free of all ads when we are behind the wheel.


Last on the list, but not least for this, is Deezer. This streaming song service will show us different menus with large dimensions so that we can select the songs without any problems. In addition, its great compatibility means that we do not have any type of problem when establishing the connection. And we will have both a free and premium version, which will be paid.

Why aren’t all apps compatible?

The answer is simple. Not all software developers have decided to turn to this functionality that Google launched for vehicles. In addition, before the arrival of the Android Auto 2.0 version, we could only find a few third-party apps that were compatible. Although, as time has progressed, and the trend of this software has been maintained, the different developers have already begun to show more interest in developing apps directly for Android Auto .

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In addition, one of the fundamental points of whether it is compatible or not is that it does not endanger people’s driving , that is, that it is not a source of distraction. For this reason, there are no compatible apps with which to watch videos while driving, nor will we get to see video game software compatible with this functionality for cars. For this reason, the apps that want to be compatible with Android Auto must be coupled with the security measures that are marked by the different countries for driving on the road. Therefore, not only developers must work on these aspects, but they must comply with the requirements and restrictions set by Google.