To-do Lists: the Best Websites and Apps to Manage Tasks

Today’s smartphones are small pocket computers. This means that in many cases they have become an essential work tool, especially for those who go all day from here to there and who need to have all their tasks and agenda controlled. For a long time, applications to manage tasks and share them have been and continue to be widely used in the work environment at the local network level, however, today it is the online tools and mobile apps that are in greatest demand. If you are looking for a tool to create and control task lists and share them, these are the best websites and apps you can use.

The fact that today we are continuously connected, we can consult any online tool wherever we go and keep it always updated. In addition, the advancement of technologies and the fact that it is from the mobile from where we spend more time connected every day, makes us also find a lot of mobile apps that allow us to manage tasks and share them easily from the mobile.


In short, websites or applications designed for productivity, since they allow us to always have everything controlled and managed from any device and at any time. They allow us to forget about having to always be in front of the work or home computer or depend on a paper where we had something pointed.

The best websites and apps to create task lists


If we are looking for a tool in which to create lists of tasks and always have them on hand from the PC or mobile, Todoist is one of the most popular and used. It allows us to have everything we have to do every day always controlled so that we do not forget anything and offers a lot of interesting functions such as setting favorite tasks, due dates, being able to assign tasks to other people, adding comments or having control of everything What is being completed. Todoist is available as an online tool from the official website of the tool and is also available as an app for iOS and Android devices .

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Microsoft To Do

As its name implies, it is a Microsoft tool available in desktop version and as an app for iOS and Android mobile devices . Anyway, with this task manager we will always be able to have a complete task planner at hand wherever we go.

Microsoft To Do listas de tareas

It allows you to create lists of tasks, share them with colleagues, family or friends, customize them with colors, set due dates and notices, divide tasks, add notes, comments or attachments, etc.


It is undoubtedly another of the most popular tools when we talk about creating task lists collaboratively. With Trello it is possible to work in a team in a simple way and have everything always well controlled and organized. It offers a panel where at a glance you can see the list of tasks of each day and from where we can assign them, share them or put them as finished. A complete tool with which we will have a board with all our tasks always at hand, since it is possible to access our account from any browser or from its iOS and Android mobile app .


Keep is Google’s tool designed to create lists and keep track of all of them from anywhere in the palm of our hand. It has a web version available from any browser and its mobile app for iOS and Android .

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Keep is very simple to handle, it has a fairly clean design, which allows us to see the really important ones at a glance and has really useful functions such as being able to add voice recordings. is another of the tools that we cannot forget when wanting to create task lists and have perfect control of all of them. It is an application with which we can organize all our tasks, lists and reminders in a simple way from any device thanks to its synchronization and availability both in web version and in app for iOS and Android devices . lista de tareas

With we can take the list of pending tasks anywhere and access them from any device, including our smartwatch.


Lystof is a simple tool to create lists about anything or topic. It stands out for its simplicity, so it can be a great alternative for those who have never used this type of applications to manage and create lists of collaborative tasks. It has the option to create both public and private lists and allow other users to edit them.

ListOf listas de tareas

It also allows you to organize all our lists by categories from any browser, since it is an online tool that we can also try for free from this link to its official website.


It is another simple tool for managing and creating task lists. Specifically, it has five modules, tasks, notes, schemes, lists and habits, so that we carry everything completely organized. It has a web version so we can access all the information from any browser and with its own app for iOS and Android devices . All we have to do to try Toodledo is to go to their website and register for free.

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Remember the Milk

A very peculiar name that perfectly describes the true function of the tool. It is a tool with which we can create lists of tasks to clear our head, that we do not forget anything and that we have perfect control of each and every one of the tasks that we have to do every day.

remember the milk listas de tareas

It is based on the cloud, so we can access all the information from any device and at any place or time. It has a gadget for Gmail that is displayed in a sidebar so that we can have all pending tasks visible. It also allows you to add tasks from Google Calendar or Twitter. Available in online version and as an app for iOS or Android mobile devices .


It is a tool designed to offer a complete family organizer. A space where the whole family can have access and can see the list of tasks assigned to them. Very useful to complete among all the shopping list or the weekly menu and also has a section of phone book. Ideal also for organizing trips with friends. Available as an online service and available in mobile app format for iOS and Android devices .


It is a task manager in which its simplicity and flexibility has made it one of the apps best valued by users in the Apple and Google application store. Creating a task is as easy as writing something and voila, a new task will be created automatically with the note just indicated. It allows to create subtasks, and organize everything in a very simple way with the simple fact of touching and dragging tasks and elements. It also has a paid version that unlocks certain interesting features for a very low price. Available through the browser in its web version and as an app for iOS and Android .

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