How to Change the Font on Xiaomi Phones with MIUI 11

He told the late Steve Jobs, which was thanks to his calligraphy classes in his university days, that the first Mac integrated different types of fonts, something that according to Jobs himself, Windows would copy later. Now, our own phones can change their fonts to offer a design more suited to the tastes and personalities of each. Today we wanted to tell you how to do it in Xiaomi terminals with MIUI 11.

The customization of a smartphone is something very important for users. Both the aesthetics with a case or case, going through the wallpaper and even the typeface, are elements that can give our device more personality to try to make it different from the rest. Xiaomi phones with MIUI 11 can also change the font, although it is an option that is not within sight, just like the secret codes of MIUI 11.


Modifying the font in MIUI 11

Changing the font will have implications throughout the system. In this way we can see the new font in the menus and the names of the applications. To be able to do the first thing we have to do is go to the “Settings” menu and then click on “Additional Settings” and “Region” . Now we will have to put “India” in the search engine and apply the changes.

ajustes de region miui 11

Go to the “Themes” app

Once done we will have to go to the “Themes” application. Once inside we will see that a new option represented by a “T” has been activated at the bottom next to the other options. If we touch on this option, a huge amount of different font types will appear before us. We can download those that we like the most, since we will then have them available to change whenever we want.

miui 11 fuentes

Apply the changes made

Then we will only have to touch in our profile and in “sources” to see all the ones that we have downloaded. To be able to put one as a default source we will only have to select it and click on “apply”. Then click on restart for changes to take effect. When the terminal becomes operational again we will see how the source has changed.

miui 11 aplicar fuente

Once the source is applied, it will remain operational, even when we turn off or restart the terminal. In addition, once installed we will be able to locate our region in our usual country . However, whenever you want to download more fonts you have to repeat the method.