Don’t be late to class with these timetable templates for Excel

Going back to school is now a reality. Gone are the holidays and it’s time to focus on the arrival of a new school year. There is no better way to start classes on the right foot than a good organization, something for which our computer can be of great help. It may be that the most popular office suite such as Microsoft Office is not missing from our study tools. If this is our case, one of its applications, Excel, can help us to have our own class timetable templates.

Having Office as a study tool can be a great success. With its spreadsheet tool we can download templates that help us to write down the different class schedules. Gone are the times when they were made with paper and pen, with unattractive results. Now we can have well-developed timetable templates so that we only have to write down the subjects for each day.

timetable templates for Excel

Schedule templates within Excel

Excel has by default different types of templates that are made available to us at no cost. To access them, just open the spreadsheet and click on New. We will find a search engine where it indicates “Search hour templates”. It is enough to set schedules for us to get some examples.

Simple and practical schedule

This template has a very attractive design with different shades. It has every day of the week, although it is enough to focus on the days from Monday to Friday, as well as a column with the schedule. We simply have to change the schedules as it suits us and write down each subject corresponding to each day of the week. It is a very simple template, but at the same time practical, which simplifies our lives a lot when creating our schedule.

Excel horario simple y práctico

Class scheduling

This template is more complete than the previous one and much more elaborate, for those who need something more attractive . It has two tabs, one for class programming with all days of the week and different times, which we can fill in with each of the corresponding subjects. It also has a Class List , which can be useful in the event that the subjects are taught in different classes so it is a good option to have it well organized.

Excel programación de clase

Microsoft website templates

On the Microsoft website we can also find a wide range of predefined templates, some of them can help us to establish our schedules when we return to class.

Class schedule

This template allows us to keep all of our monthly class schedules up to date. So easy that we will only have to write the start time and the time interval of each schedule so that the time bands are created automatically. We can also use the color code to our liking, even to reserve time to study. We can download it to open with Excel or view it directly from the browser. We can access the template by clicking on this link.

Excel mi horario de clase

University hours

This elegant template allows us to edit our entire weekly class schedule. It will only be necessary to enter the elements in each time slot and day correctly, establishing a priority. It is quite accessible, although it is in English , we can change and edit it to put the parts in Spanish and enjoy its exquisite preparation. We can download it from here or edit it directly from the web browser.

Excel horario universitario