These apps tell how much you save by quitting smoking

Quitting smoking is a decision embraced by an increasing number of individuals in today’s society, despite it being a normalized action. To aid in this process, various apps have been developed with the intention of motivating and supporting individuals on their journey to quit smoking. These apps target a significant factor that often resonates with smokers—the financial aspect—by showcasing how much money is saved by refraining from purchasing cigarette packs.

These apps not only focus on the monetary benefits but also emphasize the improvement in overall health. They provide users with insights into the “life” time gained by abstaining from smoking, prioritizing the individual’s well-being and highlighting the positive impact on their health.

By utilizing these apps, individuals seeking to quit smoking can stay motivated by visualizing the financial savings and the added years of life they have gained. These tools serve as valuable companions throughout the journey toward a smoke-free lifestyle.

saving smoking

Flamy: check your saving progress

One of the recommended apps for tracking your savings during the process of quitting smoking is Flamy. This app primarily focuses on monitoring and celebrating the progress made while on the journey to quit smoking.

Flamy goes beyond just tracking savings and offers motivation in various aspects. It rewards users with daily trophies, providing a sense of accomplishment and encouraging them to stay on the path of quitting. Additionally, the app allows users to challenge their friends, creating a friendly competition to see who can achieve the most milestones.

It’s important to note that Flamy is currently only available for Android devices. However, if you own an iPhone, don’t worry! There are other apps available specifically designed to assist you in quitting smoking with your Apple mobile device. Let’s explore some of these options further.

RespirApp: saving and helping hand

In the journey of quitting smoking, there are moments of motivation and achievement, but there are also setbacks. During these challenging times, RespirApp becomes your trusted ally. This app not only tracks your savings but provides crucial support when things get tough. When cravings strike and the urge to smoke becomes overwhelming, RespirApp offers interactive exercises, games, and even a helpline to help you overcome the temptation to smoke.

RespirApp is available for both iOS and Android devices, making it accessible wherever you are. It is compatible with various devices, including iPad and other mobile devices, ensuring that support is always within reach. Whether you need assistance or a distraction during moments of cravings and anxiety, RespirApp is there for you, offering therapeutic features and a source of guidance.

QuitNow!: control the time gained

QuitNow! stands out as the ultimate app that combines the best features of the previous two apps. It presents a user-friendly interface that displays your smoke-free days, the number of cigarettes you’ve avoided, and most importantly, the amount of money saved and the valuable days of life gained since quitting.

But QuitNow! goes beyond mere statistics. It elevates the concept of achievements to a whole new level by incorporating entertaining ways to track your progress. Furthermore, the app features a thriving community system where you can connect with others, share your experiences, and find support for any concerns that may arise during your journey to quit smoking.

As you achieve various milestones within the app, you’ll receive insightful health tips directly from the World Health Organization (WHO). These tips will provide you with a clear understanding of the positive impact you’re making on your overall well-being as you continue on your path to becoming smoke-free. With QuitNow!, you’ll gradually witness the multitude of benefits that come with quitting smoking.

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