The types of iOS betas that Apple officially offers

If you’re interested in installing beta versions of operating systems but unsure of the process or the available options, this article will provide you with all the necessary details. Additionally, we will discuss the potential risks associated with using a system that is still in the testing phase.

A beta is not a complete operating system


iOS beta versions are operating systems that are still in the development stage, which means they contain bugs and errors that need to be addressed. Before Apple releases the final versions, a testing period is conducted to optimize performance on different iPhone models, ensure compatibility with applications, and enhance stability and overall performance.

Beta operating systems go through various development phases, with initial versions often having more errors and security vulnerabilities. As these issues are identified and resolved, subsequent releases address major bugs. Installing an iOS beta can potentially put your iPhone at risk, as it may affect not only the software but also the hardware under certain conditions.

developer beta

When the system is not functioning properly or lacks optimization, it can lead to overheating of the device. This occurs because the processor is handling more processes than it typically would. Overheating not only slows down the iPhone but can also have an impact on other components like the battery.

Furthermore, the stability of the beta system can affect the security of your personal data and files. Since it is a trial version, there may be potential vulnerabilities that could compromise your information and files. It is crucial to always create a backup before installing an iOS beta version to safeguard your data.

The types of iOS beta that Apple has

While Apple offers two types of beta versions, it’s important to note that both come with their share of risks. The difference lies in the approach and accessibility of these versions. The first type is the developer beta, which can be accessed through a paid Apple developer account. These versions are specifically designed for developers to identify and address bugs, as well as optimize their applications for the upcoming system release.


On the other hand, there are public betas that Apple releases for users who wish to participate in testing and provide feedback. These versions allow users to try out the software and contribute their observations, enabling Apple to make necessary improvements based on the identified errors. To obtain public betas, users can install the official Apple beta profile, which grants access to these test versions.