The best Pokémon to win faster in Pokémon GO

Becoming the best Pokémon GO trainer is a complicated mission, but not impossible. If you want to defeat any player that crosses your path, you’re going to have to fight hard, and also have a bit of luck to find the strongest creatures in the virtual reality-based smartphone video game.

The peculiarity of Niantic ‘s delivery is that it brings together practically all the Pokémon of each generation, except for the most recent ones, which are not yet fully complete in the game.

The best Pokémon to win faster in Pokémon GO

The large number of monsters available means that you can form all kinds of teams based on your tastes and preferences, but if you want to be the best, that’s not enough, you’ll have to bet on the most powerful Pokémon in the game. To help you gather the chosen ones, we have prepared a guide that will support you on your long journey.

Factors to consider

Do not rush and choose lightly. Forming a team in Pokémon GO is a process that takes time, since there are certain aspects that you must assess before facing any confrontation, such as, mainly, the characteristics of the creature.

Statistics of each Pokémon

If you have played any of the many titles in the saga, you probably know the different attributes that each Pokémon has: HP (Health Points), Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed.

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As you may have noticed, in Pokémon GO these properties do not appear, although this does not mean that they are not present in the game. Of course, in a completely different way to what we knew. The main stats in the Nintendo mobile title are Combat Points (CP) and Health Points (HP), but there are three others that are hidden from the human eye and they are:

  • Stroke
  • Defending
  • Endurance

To be aware of the ability of each species, you have to apply a mathematical equation using the base characteristics of the Pokémon in question. The operations are as follows:

  • Attack : Square Root (Attack * Special Attack) + Square Root of Speed
  • Defense : Square Root (Defense * Special Defense) + Square Root of Speed
  • Resistance : 2*PS

IV calculation

That said, you also have to take into account the amount of IV on the creature. These are a determining factor when choosing the ideal Pokémon, since one with less CP than another can be much more powerful. Mainly, because its potential is broader and in the long run it will end up being stronger.

These are vitally important if you want to build a competitive team in Pokémon GO. Each monster has a maximum of 45 IVs that are divided into 15 for each attribute. If you want to check what one of the ones you just captured has, just locate the aforementioned in our inventory and click on the button that appears at the bottom left. Among the options displayed, choose “Assess” to obtain a result.

A perfect Pokemon will max out on each of the bars and will additionally get a pink color. If one of them meets this requirement, it means that it has 15 IVs of that characteristic. To know how it affects the creature’s statistics you must apply the following calculations:

  • Attack : (Base Attack + IV Attack) * Multiplier
  • Defense : (Base Defense + IV Defense) * Multiplier
  • PS : (Base Resistance + IV Resistance) * Multiplier

The Multiplier is a number associated with each level that you can consult in PokéXperto in detail. Once the operation has been carried out, you will be able to know the maximum number of PCs that each species will reach.

To save you all the dirty work, you can go to applications that directly provide you with the results when you enter the corresponding data. One of the best known is called Calcy IV, which offers an intuitive user interface. Instead, for iOS the existing alternative is Poke Genie.

Diversity of types

In Pokémon it is very important to have a varied team and that it has several types to face any enemy that tries to stand up to us. In Pokémon GO this is also essential, although in certain circumstances it will be necessary to prepare a group to fight against a single creature.

This means that, for example, if you face a Raid starring Lugia, it would be best to choose to fill your gang with Electric-type monsters. That is why you must prepare with pause for each confrontation. Still, the point of this post is to build a powerful team to fight against other players, and it would be rare for a user to only have one exclusive type.

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For this reason, it is best to take a look at the table of types and learn which ones are more effective and resistant compared to others. A clear example of resistant Pokémon is Azumarill , which is not only a creature that usually has a lot of defense, but its Fairy/Water type makes it practically invulnerable to a huge number of typologies, such as Fighting, Water, Ice, Bug, Dark , Fire and Dragon, while it is only weak against Electric, Grass and Poison.

Ideally, your Pokémon team should be packed with as many different types as possible to deal with any creature your enemy throws into combat.

Build the dream team

Forging the perfect group is not easy. Especially considering the inherent randomness of Pokémon GO, where you can’t try to spam an exact location until the species you crave appears. Anyway, if you are a tireless player, you will surely be able to capture the following ones. That said, it is necessary to clarify that the choices that have been made are based on our predilections to form a competitive and fun set of creatures .


One of the legendaries introduced in the last generation and that offers a spectacular performance in the mobile title of The Pokémon Company. This Fairy -type dog with its statistics at a high range can annihilate the rival and reach up to 3,829 CP and 254 attack points.


The best thing about this mythical creature is its variety of attacks, since it can learn Dark, Fairy and Fighting type attacks. In fact, according to PvPoké, a website dedicated to competitive Pokémon GO, the best combination of attacks for this legendary is Scream, Carantoña and A Bocajarro.


A creature used professionally in championships due to its high health and attack levels . In the delivery of virtual reality it is also an advisable option, since its double type Steel / Earth makes it resistant to many kinds of typologies.


It is a species that can withstand blows a lot and that attacks with excessive force. Excadrill’s recommended attack set is Steel Claw, Avalanche, and Drill/Earthquake.


Another of the most used Pokémon for the competitive one given its high qualities. Zarude is a Grass /Dark-type monster. While it is true that it is vulnerable against a huge number of types, but if you find the right moment to take it out into combat, its 242 attack points together with its 233 resistance will make anyone mush.


When it comes to the movements of this Pokémon, the ideal would be Strain Whip to attack quickly and Shadow Pulse and Whiplash to punish the opponent with a hard blow.


This Fire/Flying-type bird is an easy chance to obtain and shows some combat-appropriate characteristics. Talonflame’s particularity is precisely its double type that offers resistance against a wide variety of classes. Of course, do not hesitate to take him out of the fight if a Rock monster appears.


The ideal for this fiery bird would be to have Scorch to attack non-stop and Bold Bird plus Nitrocharge for the charged attack.


Another of the most dangerous legendaries in Pokémon GO that, in fact, is the strongest Ghost-type Pokémon . But it is also a Dragon, which makes it a ferocious creature capable of annihilating any opponent.


What Giratina is most characterized by is its enormous resistance of almost 300 points . This will allow it to take a lot of hits while you attack with Shadow Claw and then finish off with Dragon Claw or Fel Shadow.


Meloetta is a Pokémon that, a priori, might not seem dangerous, although on more than one occasion appearances are deceiving, just what happens in this case, reaching 3,972 CP in optimal conditions. This “monster” is not only one of the most balanced in terms of its stats (250 Attack, 225 Defense, and 225 Resistance), but it is also one of the strongest Psychic-types .


The good thing about Meloetta is that it also perceives a Normal typology. This means that Ghost’s attacks won’t be overly effective against him. The only flaw is that his fast attacks are not very strong, but if he has Hyper Beam and Psychocharge he can wreak havoc on the opponent.

prepare for combat

The characteristic of the Pokémon GO tournaments is that it is governed by certain criteria that limit the amount of maximum CP of the Pokémon. Still, you have nothing to worry about, as the stats will be adapted to the League in question. The thing is that, unlike the original saga, you cannot select 6 creatures, but the group must be composed solely and exclusively by three of them.

In any case, choosing any of the above is a safe bet, so don’t be afraid and face your opponent to become the best trainer in the world. On the other hand, the video game championships are the following:

  • Super Ball League : 1,500 PC limit.
  • Super Ball Remix League : Same limit, but the most used Pokémon from the last edition are excluded.
  • Ultra Ball League – 2,500 CP limit.
  • Ultra Ball Remix League : Same limit, except for the most used in the previous campaign.
  • Master Ball League : There are no restrictions of any kind.