Super Wallpapers for Xiaomi: How to Download Wallpapers

One of the great novelties that came to Xiaomi mobiles with the arrival of MIUI 12 were the ‘Super Wallpapers’ or super wallpapers. However, unfortunately for many users, not all of the company’s smartphones were compatible with this new feature, since it required a more powerful processor.

So, for the most part, it was only available to those users who had a mobile from the high-end Chinese firm. And not only this, but at first it became exclusive to that version of MIUI , although it has also been maintained for version 12.5 or later. So we will also enjoy these super funds with this update of the Xiaomi software layer.

Super Wallpapers for Xiaomi: How to Download Wallpapers

However, don’t lose hope if you don’t have a high-end smartphone, because we will show you the way to enjoy these dynamic backgrounds on your mobile phone .

What are super wallpapers?

These ” Super Wallpapers ” arrived with the MIUI 12 update on our smartphones without forgetting that this version of the Asian firm’s operating system also brought bugs to resolve. By installing or activating this Xiaomi customization layer tool, we get the images to come to life (as long as the panel is not so dirty as to not see anything) when we unlock our mobile device, or even when unlocking it, we can get change the background by yourself.

And with MIUI 12.5 the thing has not stopped, since even more animated backgrounds have been added for Xiaomi smartphones. Nor can we forget that in the following versions of this software layer, this feature that Chinese mobile users like so much has continued to be maintained.

But, once again, there is an essential requirement to be able to have this striking feature for users, and that is basically to have a powerful processor. Therefore, we will only find compatible mobiles that belong to the high-end of the Asian manufacturer’s catalog. Luckily, there is a solution that will make you get these super wallpapers on your Xiaomi, whatever the model.

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Download super backgrounds for your Xiaomi

In the event that you have a smartphone compatible with this functionality, you will only have to follow these steps first to find them on your Xiaomi:

  • Go into Settings .
  • Click on the Wallpaper option.
  • Tap on the Super backgrounds option (if it appears).
  • Next, click on the one you like the most so that it is finally applied to your phone.

However, not all users will have it that easy, since we will need time and patience to get to have this feature on our phone from the Chinese firm. Although, we will tell you a little trick to get the MIUI super wallpaper pack .

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In versions prior to MIUI 12

But keep in mind that all live wallpapers require the use of OpenGL for animations. Therefore, we will have to have a device that is capable of working smoothly without any problem.

To start with, we will need to download this MIUI background pack for your mobile panel. Of course, we will also need to have an Android 8 version or higher for it to work on the Chinese phone.

Once we have downloaded it to our Xiaomi device, we will have to install one from Google Play, which is called QuickShotcutMaker . As soon as we have it installed, we will have to open this software and follow the following steps:

  • Open the app and scroll down to the ‘Wallpaper’ option.
  • Select the option of ‘ Super Wallpapers ‘.
  • Next, we’ll need to hit the ‘ Try ‘ section.
  • Finally, choose the background for your smartphone that you like the most.

On MIUI 13

As of the MIUI 13 version, new Super Wallpapers have also been included for any smartphone from the Asian firm that has this operating system. So, if you have a mobile that has already been able to update to this version. You only have to follow these steps to change the background:

  • Go into the phone settings.
  • Click on the Wallpaper tab.
  • Within this section, tap on the Super wallpapers option.
  • Choose the one you like best, as long as you have it installed, and click Apply .

However, they may not be available on your smartphone yet. Basically, because it will vary not only depending on the device we have, but also depending on the regions.

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The problem of dynamic backgrounds

However, not everything is as beautiful and shiny as they paint it. It is very good that we can customize the wallpaper of Xiaomi smartphones with these options, although we may not know first of all the negative factors that they can imply in a phone. For example, just by using the MIUI dynamic wallpapers for a few hours, we will clearly see how the battery is the main affected of all this. Basically, because the touch panel of any device is the main culprit that consumes so much energy. And it does not only happen in these terminals of the Chinese firm. It is something common in any device, so you will have to be very careful.

If you are one of those who suffer from not having to charge the Xiaomi mobile more than once a day, it is better that you forget about this option and give priority to the autonomy of your terminal and not to the design of the screen. Although, we not only encountered this inconvenience. It is just one of many that we could meet.

Be aware that MIUI moving backgrounds continuously consume RAM. So this affects our Chinese terminal having to close more processes and continuously make a greater effort in all the internal hardware. If we are experiencing performance problems with animations, response times or file downloads, it will be better to opt for a simple wallpaper and do without the dynamic options of the Asian firm’s customization layer. More than anything, because if we don’t change it, we will continue to have ‘lag’ errors and jerks, which are not to the liking of anyone.

This same thing has made other brands decide not to offer dynamic options as standard in their respective customization layers. And all for the different reasons that we have just explained. So as much as you like the wallpaper to move by itself, your terminal may spend more battery and go slower than you would like.

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