The best Fortnite wallpapers for mobile

One of the games that most attracted the attention of gamers since its launch was practically Fortnite. And although in recent times he has not been on the crest of the wave of trends for streamers and the most “top” players in the world, it is clear that his community does not stop enjoying each season or chapter that Epic Games launches. And we know that more than one is dying to customize the wallpaper with one of the characters that appear in the video game.

For this reason, we wanted to bring you both our own selection of wallpapers for the touch panel of your phone, as well as some of the apps that you will find on Google Play in which you will have all kinds of Fortnite wallpapers available for your mobile . In addition, in some cases the quality will leave you speechless, since it will take advantage of every pixel of the display of your phone.

The best Fortnite wallpapers for mobile

And if you are one of those who do not have much idea how to download and install them on your devices, do not worry, because we will tell you each of the steps that you must follow from the phone. Now you can not only play Fortnite on mobile, but you can also customize the screen with your images.

The best wallpapers

Now comes the moment of truth, choose the option that best suits what you’re looking for to give your phone’s wallpaper a ‘gamer’ touch. To do this, we will leave you both the fast track of entering a small catalog that we have prepared for you with images of Fortnite or, directly, you will also have the option of downloading one of the apps that we will show you to have wallpapers of the Epic Games game. You choose!

our favorite backgrounds

We wanted to make things easier for you, so here we will leave you a direct link so you can download Fortnite wallpapers for mobile. What you must enter in the following link to enter a Google Drive folder where you can download some of the options that we have left available to your smartphone. Once you have clicked on the Download button, you will find the image directly in the gallery of your terminal.

In the event that you do not find it, you must go to the phone’s File Manager, in the Downloads folder. And later we will tell you how you can put the Fortnite photo as a mobile wallpaper.

Fondos de pantalla Fornite de our site

Apps for Android and iPhone

Within the Android app store, Google Play, we find some of the most interesting applications, since they give us the possibility of downloading some of the best Fortnite wallpapers for mobiles. The first option is the following app:

When you download it, you just have to click on any of the images, skip the ad after a few seconds and hit the Save button . Afterwards, you will find the image in the reel of the phone. The main drawback of this app is that there are a lot of ads every so often, plus they’re not the best backgrounds.

App de fondos de pantalla para móvil Fornite

Quite the contrary than in the following application, known as Best wallpapers Battle Royale All Seasons 4K . Within this app, we can download all kinds of Fortnite wallpapers at a quality that leaves nothing to chance. In addition, the options are varied, even having different categories such as the Most Valued, Most Viewed, among many other categories.

When you click on the wallpaper that you like the most, you only have to press on the green button that says Download . After a few seconds, the download will be complete, so we can go directly to the gallery of our mobile to see how it looks.

App de fondos de pantalla para móvil Fornite

Even if you are one of those who have an Apple phone and you are a lover of the Epic Games title, you will also find an application with which to download Fortnite wallpapers for iPhone :

How to change the wallpaper

After having chosen the Fortnite background that best represents us for our phone, it’s time to know how to set it as wallpaper , either for the terminal’s desktop panel or when the smartphone is on the locked screen. Also, there are two ways to do it.

The first one is the simplest, since it will be from the smartphone’s own settings. Once inside these, we must click on the option of Screen> Wallpaper > choose the application from which we are going to choose the image (normally they are downloaded in the main Gallery of the terminal, in our case Photos)> select the folder in the one that is saved > choose the snapshot > adjust the photo > click Confirm (the ‘tick’ icon).

Elegir fondo de pantalla ajustes móvil

Although, if we are browsing the reel of the smartphone, or the folder in which the image that we have decided to put as wallpaper for the smartphone is. If so, you should click on the snapshot> slide up or click on the three dots> find the option Use as> Wallpaper> adjust the photo> click on the ‘Tick’ button.

Establecer foto fondo de pantalla móvil

In these two ways, you will be able to put a Fortnite wallpaper on your mobile . And as you have already seen, it will only take you a few seconds to achieve it. What will take you the most time will be choosing the one you like the most of all those that you can download from the catalog that we have left you or from one of the two applications that we have shown you.

Not downloading?

If you can’t download them neither from the Google Drive folder that we have left you, nor from any of the applications, check if the Internet connection of your smartphone is correct. Although, if you have been able to access the wallpapers and download the apps, it will mean that it is not a problem with the Internet of your smartphone.

In that case, we recommend restarting the mobile . Many times it can be ‘caught’, so it will give us the feeling that we have not downloaded any wallpaper, when in fact they are on the device, but they are not visible because the internal system of the terminal has been ‘strung up’.

After turning the phone off and on, check if the media files appear in the native camera roll of your device. If not, go directly to File Manager . Depending on the customization layer of your smartphone, you can have one or the other, although Android phones usually have Google Files. But, most likely, it will appear directly in the mobile Gallery app.