Surprise at HarmonyOS! Cheaper… and more expensive apps

The change that HarmonyOS represents with respect to Android in Huawei smartwatches does not only have to do with the operating system, but also with the application store. That’s why Huawei took it upon themselves to prominently and rapidly develop the App Gallery as their alternative to Google Play to offer users a place to get everything they need.

Although it is usually solemn to download apps that do not require any payment, sometimes making a small one for some of them or for a pro version is recommended. The advantages can be many and this is where we could find ourselves facing a difference in HarmonyOS with what happens in Android. Something that we do not have to imagine, since we can already find thousands of apps in HarmonyOS that are also present in Google Play.

Surprise at HarmonyOS! Cheaper… and more expensive apps

HarmonyOS is more expensive and cheaper in equal parts

To our surprise, after comparing a sample of paid applications on HarmonyOS with Google Play, we have found that there are more expensive and cheaper applications. That is not the only thing we have been able to discover, but there is also an app that is totally free on Android and in the meantime on HarmonyOS if it costs us money to get it. In other cases in HarmonyOS and in Google Play we find identical prices , leaving us minimal differences in a generalized way.

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The why of these prices

Those who have the last word when it comes to pricing applications are developers, who decide how much their work is worth. In that regard, neither in Android nor in HarmonyOS the brands meddle and only offer the platform for developers to publish the apps there. However, in what the developers receive in the end is where the key is for there to be changes in the prices of apps that we have been able to compare.

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Google keeps 30% of the revenue from paid applications, while in HarmonyOS, Huawei does not keep any money . At least currently things are like this and that is that it may have led some developers to choose different prices in their applications, either to get more benefits or to take advantage of that advantage.

There are almost no paid apps on HarmonyOS

Another aspect to assess is that in HarmonyOS we currently do not find almost paid applications, since most of them are free. This makes all the sense in the world, given that Huawei has been working on integrating user favorites, which are mostly free, and has not been overly concerned about doing so with paid apps, of which, as we have seen, not makes profit.


Meanwhile in Google Play if we find “Pro” versions of practically any application no matter how simple it may seem and an immense variety of options to choose our favorite. This does not mean that there are no varied apps in AppGallery, but it is true that if I search for “notes” or another specific term, the variety is very different.