Phantom screen, the serious MIUI bug in Pocophone mobiles

It is clear that the failures in mobile devices is something that we will have to live with for the rest of our lives, that does not mean that each of them is a new headache. As is the case today with the problem on the screens of some Pocophone mobile models, which is causing a “ghost touch” on its panels as a result of updating to MIUI 12 and 12.5 .

This has generated different complaints, both in the official forum of the Asian smartphone firm and through social networks, as this may prevent the user experience when using their smartphone is good. In addition to that it can cause it to not respond to our keystrokes, becoming a problem that no user likes.

The failure in the Pocophone

Phantom screen, the serious MIUI bug in Pocophone mobilesThe ghost touch problem on the smartphone panel is listed in the smartphone brand’s own forum, making it clear that it only affects the X3 Pro in the following ROM versions: V12.0.3.0.RJUIDXM, V12.5.1. 0.RJUIDXM, V12.5.1.1.RJUIDXM and V12.5.2.0.RJUIDXM. However, if we enter this forum, we will see that there have been many users who have other models of the phone company, such as the powerful POCO F3 and even the POCO F1 , who have complained about this same failure in the panel from your mobile devices.

Xiaomi takes action on the matter

The Chinese manufacturer for now has only opened a public bug report to openly inform about this problem that affects its users. However, although this report specifically mentions only the X3 Pro, as we saw, many other global mobile devices are also suffering from this same error.

In addition, there are still many users who are waiting for a solution from the brand, but, for now, a direct solution has not been offered in that report. They only state that ” the feedback rate has decreased “, implying that they are working on it to solve it as soon as possible.

movil poco pocophone miui 12.5

However, there is hope that it will be resolved as soon as possible, since, for example, a user has offered an alternative solution for PUBG Mobile that could work in some cases.

Solution to ghost touch in PUBG Mobile

Many have been affected, but there are some users who have come forward to offer solutions to all those who suffer from this problem. As is the case of a user who has offered a ghost touch remedy for those who want to enjoy playing PUBG Mobile on their Pocophone. To do this, we will have to activate the developer options (by pressing the MIUI version of our smartphone seven times).

Once inside the section of the developer options of the phone, we will have to go to the Preferences section of the graphic controller> PUBG Mobile> press the option that is not by default. Afterwards, we will have to deactivate all the options of the shortcuts of the buttons of our smartphone. In addition, we must enter Additional Settings> Game Turbo> PUBG Mobile to deactivate and activate all its options again. In this way we will be able to restart this game as it appears in this video .