SIM cards are going to disappear, creating a serious problem

Physical SIM cards are getting closer to disappearing and this is going to be a problem for many users. According to the latest reports, everything seems to indicate that with the arrival of Android 14 there will be a radical change in this aspect and that is that the next update will allow you to transfer your eSIM profile between two mobile phones.

This has been discovered by the Android and Google whistleblower known as Mishaal Rahman, who found a clue within the operating system code. At the moment it is unknown when this option will come into effect , but it does not seem that we will see it in Android 13.

SIM cards are going to disappear

SIM cards come to an end

At the moment it is impossible to transfer eSIM profiles between two Android devices. This means that, if you are going to change your mobile, the first thing you have to do is deactivate your eSIM profile with the old terminal and activate it on the new smartphone. However, the activation of the eSIM card requires establishing contact with your service provider , that is, your operator.

Instead, iPhone iOS has a built-in feature that allows you to transfer your profile to another iPhone without needing to contact your carrier. Now, everything seems to indicate that Google is working on a tool similar to Apple‘s that would do just that: transfer eSIM profiles between two phones under the Android ecosystem.

Tarjeta SIM

The main problem with this is that it can cause a generational gap that will radically affect older people . Above all, because the vast majority will be completely unaware of the process and will have to face this inconvenience blindly when their SIM card stops working.

Rahman says that Google could allow Android users to convert a physical SIM card to a virtual one when switching devices as long as the carrier supports remote eSIM activation. However, this capacity could be limited only to a specific number of models, such as the Google Pixel of the American company itself. This data transfer of eSIM card profiles could also reach smartphones compatible with GMS (Google Mobile Services), but there is no complete list of compatibility in this regard.

tarjetas SIM Android

Although it is true that Google has not made anything official about the possibility of transferring eSIM profiles between two devices, but this is because the option is in an early phase of development. That is why it is most likely that we will not see it until the arrival of Android 14 throughout the current year 2023.

It’s time to wait for the Feature Drop

In a few months, specifically in March 2023, the Feature Drop for the Google Pixel will take place. A revelation of the functions that are about to arrive from the devices of the Internet giant, so it only remains to wait until such a date to see if this option will arrive soon .

In addition to the functions related to the disappearance of the SIM card, the Android code has also revealed an option that is used to automatically generate thematic icons, although many aspects of this novelty are unknown at the moment. What is clear is that the days of SIM cards are numbered and it is a matter of a few years before they come to an end.