Take note: these cars park themselves

The cars of our day to day have changed a lot. They are no longer the same as we had a few years ago, and not only because of the different designs and engines that we have today, but also in what has to do with their cutting-edge technologies, and increasingly impressive. One of them, for example, is what refers to cars that park themselves, or those with automatic parking , as they are known.

The cars already come with automatic parking systems

these cars park themselves

Reversing, looking in the rear-view mirror, adjusting the direction… Parking is not one of the simplest things when driving. And not the most fun either, especially when your car is new.

So, knowing that we have the most efficient, reliable, comfortable, safe and economical cars on the market, why shouldn’t we have one that is capable of parking itself? This is something that has been seen more and more, which are already equipped with the best and highest technology.

Therefore, we see them improving every day and creating new modalities in recent models. One of those impressive features is what comes to be with the automatic parking system , a unique, visionary system and immeasurable help for inexperienced users and beyond that, a great step into the future.

How is this technology

Due to architecture and theory, a small car is easier to park than a larger one. But it’s not always like this. There are utility, compact, sedans or SUVs that are very easy to park.

Cars that, in short, are agile and manageable , ideal for those who park in line and unpark several times a day or for whom this maneuver can be difficult. This is why there are some brands that have models that include this modality.

As it does? Thanks to the power steering, a rear camera and a good number of sensors integrated into the ends of the front and rear bumpers, which are responsible for calculating in thousandths of a second the space available for parking both in the battery and in line, towards the left and right, as indicated by the turn signals.

Coches con aparcamiento automático

Audi A3 Sportback

Audi Park Assist is available from the compact in its five-door version of the family with the four rings, the Audi A3 Sportback. You can opt for it as an option from its most basic finish and its price is 1,060 euros.

Audi’s autonomous parking technology enables parallel or battery parking and features a series of ultrasonic sensors that scan spaces at the edge of the road when driving at low speeds. Once the site is detected, by pressing a button on the console, the system takes control of the direction: the driver selects the gear and acts on the pedals, also assisted by acoustic warnings.

Bmw i3

If we talk about technological advances and improvement at the mechanical level, the great and renowned German manufacturer of vehicles and motorcycles, known for being Premium due to the high range that they present in their characteristics and designs, reliability and all the positive reviews that it has.

It is well known for demonstrating innovations in the current market, a competitor to the large automotive companies, this gives rise to leaps and bounds in its models such as the BMW I3, a vehicle with great acceleration capacity, a pure urban This being an electric vehicle of 130 kW with 170 CV, and with an optional 2-cylinder gasoline engine and a 9-L tank, gearbox with one gear, and without neglecting the great automatic parking system .

Citroen C4 Picasso and C4 Cactus

In order to achieve this advance, cars have incorporated numerous radars around the perimeter of their bodywork (they are circles that you can see on the bumpers). With them they analyze the rest of the vehicles parked around them to find an empty space in parallel or battery. Since we are at the beginning of the development of this technology, the necessary space is, more or less, one meter in front and behind, so that it can be chosen as possible parking.

This is what we have with the Citroen brand for models like the C4 Picasso and C4 Cactus, which includes Park Assist , which consists of a camera located at the rear of the car, which is activated when we have reverse gear on . This allows us to visualize everything that is behind your car and thus avoid hitting any obstacle that you cannot see through the rear-view mirrors.

Citroën Park Assist

Ford Pack City+

Ford’s Active Park Assist is already available in its Fiesta utility, only in a five-door body and from its Trend+ finish, which is the second in the range. The autonomous parking assistance system can only be purchased as an option through the Pack City+ package, whose price is 375 euros.

This includes, in addition to the assisted parking system, front and rear sensors, reversing camera , floor lighting optics and electric rear-view mirrors with built-in blinkers. Ford Park Assist parks both perpendicular and in line, operating the steering wheel autonomously.

Mercedes a-class

Unlike its direct rivals, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class includes Parktronic as standard from its most economical version, the A200, which mounts the least aspirational engine in the family, the 163 hp 1.3. However, it is only offered as part of the equipment when we opt for the automatic dual-clutch transmission.

It must be borne in mind, however, that the newly arrived fourth generation of the star’s compact comes with a whole technological arsenal under its arm, so its price is significantly higher compared to the Audi A3 and the BMW in its most affordable options. .