Save Battery on Your Mobile by Limiting the Use of Apps

Many times we are used to having to recharge our mobile device more than once a day. Especially when they already have a year or two since we bought it. Therefore, with the passage of time we have verified how the consumption of the battery of our terminal has been much higher, even worrying. This is why it is often necessary to set limits for use , especially for those apps that we do not use.

Not all users will know it, but although we do not use an app regularly, it does not mean that they do not end up consuming some battery as well. However, it is clear that those apps that we use the most in our day-to-day life will be the ones that involve the highest consumption for the mobile device. Therefore, we will explain how to identify them, set them to inactive and even schedule their use in order to gain a little more energy savings.

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Identify which apps consume the most energy

One of the first steps that we must do, before making the following adjustments, will be to investigate which are the responsible apps that make the battery of our mobile device consume faster. This could vary depending on the brand of the terminal, the version of the customization layer that we have or even the operating system.

In some terminals it will be accessing the device settings, where we will enter the Battery section. Once inside, the appearance could vary again, but what we have to analyze is which apps we spend the most time on and, therefore, take a large part of our smartphone’s battery. In addition, it will be important to look in detail if they are really the ones we use the most, since it could be the case that above the list we see some that we never use and use too much energy. So it would clearly be an irregular expense.

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On the other hand, in Apple‘s mobile devices, it will be similar in all its models. To do this, we must enter the phone settings and look for the option called Time of use . Once inside, the analysis that the mobile makes with the daily average of use during that same week will appear. Since, after seven days, it restarts again. Then, you will have to click on See all the activity, in order to see in more detail which are the most used in our day to day life. Within this section, it will also give us the possibility to view the data for both that day and the week in general.

Once we have found those that are the main culprits for the energy consumption of our terminals so quickly. We will have to act, to set a limit of use or even suspend them, with the aim that they do not continue to spend phone resources when they are in the background.

Use the saving mode of the mobile

There are different ways to control or limit the use of applications on our devices. But, the easiest and the one with which we will get the best results will be with the saving mode of our mobile device . Basically because the operation of these will be in the background it will be fully capped as long as we have it active. They will even be unable to get their notifications to jump. Although it will also depend on the terminal that we have in our hands.

In addition, the personalization layer of the phone will also influence, since some have some additional settings in their energy saving mode or, on the contrary, they hardly provide us with extra functionality. So we must enter this mode of our smartphone and activate it .

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To do this, we must access the phone settings, enter the battery section and click on this mode. Once activated we will achieve what we were looking for, that the terminal battery lasts much longer than before. However, if we want to continue to have all the functionalities of a certain app, Android mobiles will not allow it to be configured in such a way that that app does not have limitations.

On the contrary, the iPhone saving mode does not have this feature, so it temporarily reduces all background activity on the device. Well, as established in these devices, it will reduce downloads and email checking, without affecting notifications from other apps.

Schedule its use on iOS and Android

We start first with Android mobiles, although it must be borne in mind that the way to limit the use of these will also depend on the personalization layer that the mobile has. So, perhaps, you do not have the necessary tool to be able to program its use. To do this, you must check that you have a section called Digital Wellbeing .

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In the event that if you have it, we will have to access it. Once inside, we can observe the usage time of each app, as we have seen previously. But, the function we are looking for will have to be called a timer, which must be within a Control Panel or within each app. Keep in mind that we will have to look at this configuration in Digital Wellbeing or Digital Health .

Then, we can establish the limit of use of any of them, by tapping on the hourglass icon that appears next to their name or below this timer. In addition, it will offer us different options, although the maximum they usually allow is one day. So if you want to always have it, you must follow the same steps.

In the case of the iPhone, you will have to re-enter Time of use . When you are inside, you will have to access the section called App usage limits. When clicking on it, a brief explanation will appear stating that daily time limits will be defined for the categories of apps that we want to manage. Below the explanation, an option to Add limit will appear.

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If we click on it, it will take us to the most used Apps, Categories and Websites . In these labels, will be all the tools of our terminal. By clicking on one of them, those that belong to that category will be displayed. Then, we select one and click next, where it will allow us to customize the days of the week that we want to restrict its use, as well as the hours per day.

Use the suspension for applications

If we look at Apple terminals, we will see that there is no function as such that allows us to suspend or inactivate these tools. Therefore, the only way that those that we do not use continue to consume energy, will be by eliminating them completely.

In the case of Android, they will leave us more options. For those with a newer smartphone, they will be able to follow the same steps. But, among the options that appear as soon as you enter the information of said tool, you will get the option to Suspend or Disable , they will even have an Inactive Mode or that allows apps that are not used to be deactivated. With this, it will be possible to achieve the objective that it does not consume as much energy as it was doing up to that moment.

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In addition, devices with the Google operating system that are more modern, such as the Samsung Galaxy with Android 11, have a functionality that will allow us to suspend the applications automatically from time to time or do it permanently.

However, there are other options, such as inactivating or stopping them. To do this, we must access the Settings of your mobile, then enter Applications and select those that consume more battery. Then, you will have to give the option to Force stop . But, be careful, when you open it again, you will have to perform all these steps again.