Samsung Keyboard Trio 500, DeX Mode Compatible Bluetooth Keyboard

If you have a Samsung phone compatible with DeX mode , the Korean company seems to have ready what could be the best possible complement for day to day: a keyboard. Yes, the Samsung Keyboard Trio 500 is likely to become something similar to the Apple Pencil or Magic Keyboard of the iPad, an essential accessory with which to get much more out of the characteristics of terminals such as the Galaxy S21.

Samsung and DeX mode

Samsung Keyboard Trio 500

One of the most interesting features of high-end Samsung terminals has been the DeX mode for some years now. Thanks to it, the experience of using the latest smartphones from the manufacturer changes completely, becoming very similar to that of a desktop computer.

Why do we say this? Well, in case there are still some clueless who do not know what this is all about, DeX is a way that what it does is adapt the interface of the Samsung customization layer so that it behaves with a desktop operating system . That is, it becomes a desktop with its own manager of windows that can be moved and resized on the screen as it happens with Windows, macOS or any of the versions of Linux.

Thus, instead of being limited to running a single application on the screen or two in the best of cases thanks to the use of options that Android already offers clearly, it would move to a mode where you can have several advantages of different apps open at the same time .

Which boosts user productivity if you use it for work. Although for leisure it is also interesting. And best of all, you don’t need special apps, although logically those that are optimized for DeX, like Samsung’s own, make their use much more rewarding.

However, this DeX mode is still a bit unknown to many users and those who tried it stopped using it mainly because carrying everything necessary to use it in different situations was not practical for them. But all this could change soon.

Samsung keyboard Trio 500, a keyboard designed for DeX

Samsung seems to launch taking advantage of its next Unpacked a Bluetooth keyboard with a very low profile and also light so that you always carry it with you. This is how you can fully enjoy it anywhere and therefore also DeX.

As additional details, the new Samsung Keyboard Trio 50 0 gets its name from its ability to be paired and remember a maximum of three devices . Yes, something similar to what has happened and has been allowed by Logitech keyboards for a long time.

Powered by two AAA batteries, this 78-key, 412-gram keyboard appears to be the next ideal addition to any user with a DeX-compatible Galaxy phone. Also of those portable devices such as tablets if you are one of those who when you leave home you want to write documents, edit them, etc., in a much more comfortable way.

About the launch, it is expected that it will be soon and that the price will be around 45 euros . Which is not bad at all, although we will see when it is possibly confirmed in the next Unpacked on April 28.