PlayStation 3 Will Continue to Have Access to the PlayStation Store

Rectifying is wise. We have seen it on more than one occasion in the technology and video game industry, and once again we come across another of those lessons in humility, where it is shown that users are the ones who rule. It has happened to Sony, and luckily for the fans, everything seems to have been fixed in time.

Back with the PlayStation Store

PlayStation 3 Will Continue to Have Access to the PlayStation Store

A few days ago Sony announced that it had scheduled the closing of the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita sections. This meant that as of July 2, 2021 , users who will try to access the store from one of these two consoles would encounter an error message, as the store will be closed forever from that fateful day.

This may seem unimportant to you at first. Why do you want to access the store from PlayStation 3 if you already have a PS4 and even a PS5? Well, the drama was in the download of the games from the personal library, since many users have a long list of high-caliber games that only exist in digital version, so, in case you want to play them one day, they would not be able to do it again as they would not be available for download.

Users reveal

As you can imagine, all of this caused quite a stir, as many users already found themselves losing a large part of their game library forever. The user community started a massive protest in many forums and official channels, demanding that Sony maintain the platform, and luckily, that is just what has happened.

Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has announced through an article on the official PlayStation blog that the company assumes that it had made a wrong decision, and therefore, they will continue to offer support and access to the PlayStation Store from PS3 and PS Vita. Of course, the PSP purchase function will end on July 2 as stipulated, but this platform does have a tiny number of affected users.

They are partly right

The decision to close the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita stores makes perfect sense in the world. With the majority of users focused on PS4 and PS5, maintaining resources and continuing to accumulate spending in two practically abandoned sections does not make sense, however, the problem is not in providing direct service or not, but in being able to continue leaving the property in hand of users, and that is where the main problem of this situation lies.

Is it a good idea to buy digital editions?

The origin of all the problems is a trend that has been creating quite a controversy for a long time. What happens to digital games when the platform stops working? The game that you bought one day for 70 euros could become unavailable at some point, and you will never have the opportunity to download it again. If your console crashes or you format the hard drive, you will no longer have it forever. What solution do we need? A common and universal vault for all platforms?