Realme GT Master performance, is it as powerful as it is painted?

The realme GT Master smartphone comes with the intention of being an adequate solution for those looking for a balanced phone in practically all the essential sections of this type of device. We have checked if this is true in terms of its performance, something that is key when it comes to obtaining a good user experience.

In what has to do with the main hardware, this is a phone in which you will not find high-end components inside, but those that have been integrated are more than enough to obtain an experience of use that we can already anticipate that it is quite solvent and that for practically all users it is adequate. This is achieved with a combination of a high amount of RAM ( 8 GB in the model we tested) with a fairly current processor: the Snapdragon 778G that meets all expectations.

Realme GT Master performance

It should be noted that a main Kryo 670 core is included in the SoC, which is quite powerful because it uses a Cortex-A78 architecture that is combined with a frequency of up to 2.4 GHz. Therefore, it seems quite clear that it is it offers more than enough muscle to avoid problems with even the most complex applications you can run. In addition, it should also be noted that it does not lack 5G connectivity integrated into the processor itself (the Snapdragon X53 modem is used) that we have been able to verify that it works perfectly and, if you have a rate of this type, this is a phone that you it will be most useful.

Is the realme GT Master powerful?

Well, the truth is that the capacity that you are going to enjoy in the event that you get one of these phones is quite good. In general, we have always had good feelings both when running any application and the sections of the operating system, practically never appreciating lag. Of course, if there is something that has become quite clear, and it is that the multicore operation allows to achieve better results than in which only one core is turned on.

These are some of the results we have obtained when testing the synthetic benchmarks that we usually use on our site:

One of the options that you will find in the realme GT Master is the possibility of converting the storage (which is always a minimum of 128 GB) memory that the operating system can use as if it were RAM . This is to improve everything that has to do with multitasking and having many applications open at the same time. It is true that there is no great need to do this, but it is not bad that the possibility is offered and the operation has seemed quite solvent.

Lateral del teléfono realme GT Master

The games on the realme GT Master

The Integrated GPU is an Adreno 642L , which in general has been quite capable when it comes to running all kinds of games, including those that use three-dimensional graphics. Thus, we got good feelings and number of frames when using PUBG, and this is so without restrictions is what has to do with the resolution.

Obviously, this is a model that can stand out in this section and that surpasses much of its competition such as the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G. It is important to highlight the temperature control, it seemed correct to us (with specific moments where it was necessary to give the realme GT Master a little rest) and, also, we liked it a lot that we do not have to waste a lot of time when optimizing the device with a specific application to obtain a performance that will allow you to have a good time with the phone.

An operating system that has convinced us

The Android version that you will find on the device is 11 using Realme UI 2.0 above. This is a development that offers a good number of customization options where there is no shortage of striking animations that, luckily, are not especially harmful when it comes to lowering the performance achieved when using the terminal. In addition, you should know that the fingerprint reader is optical and works like a charm both in terms of speed and precision.

Some additional details is that you will find a task computer that will allow you to manage all those that are open in a simple way thanks to the appearance of a floating mini window where you can see all those that are compatible with the manufacturer’s own development. Besides, with options to navigate through gestures, as it cannot be otherwise, at present you will find a good number of applications integrated by default, among which we quite liked the Gallery and Game Space (the latter will allow you to manage the best possible way the games you have installed).

A couple of details that are important

The first is that the built- in speaker in the realme GT Master is located at the bottom and allows for stereo usage options. Offering a better sound than expected in general lines, it is true that it would not have been bad for the company to have decided to integrate a couple of elements so as not to lose some distance from the competition.

Regarding the behavior to access the Internet, we have obtained correct results with a fairly wide coverage and without finding a decrease in performance due to continuous use of the WiFi adapter. Besides, we also want to highlight that the internal storage works quite well because it uses UFS technology that speeds up the reading and writing processes.

Realme GT Master performance review

Well, the truth is that we found this model a very good phone, since in general you always have the feeling of obtaining a performance that is above the usual needs. Without any problem with the temperature and with the possibility of executing practically any game on the market with a quite remarkable user experience, taking into account the adjusted price of the terminal (below 300 euros), this is a purchase option realme GT Master that is always worth keeping in mind.

Escritorio del realme GT Master

Therefore, and taking into account everything that we have commented, we think that this is a quite remarkable phone – and that for that reason it is valid for everything. This way, you have your options in the market, don’t you think?