Programs to free up RAM memory if your PC is slow

The reasons why a PC is slower than normal can be very varied, however, in most cases, it is due to the amount of available RAM memory. If when we bought the PC, a computer with Windows 10 or Windows 11 worked perfectly, the problem is not that the hardware has become outdated , since the basic requirements of both operating systems do not vary over time, but rather because We run many applications in the device’s memory, either when starting the computer or on a day-to-day basis by opening a large number of programs in case we need them, even though it really isn’t.

Programs to free up RAM memory

At first, with a little common sense, it is not necessary to use third-party applications to free up memory , however, this is not always the case, since, sometimes, the control that applications do of our PC’s memory it gets out of hand as it is due to background processes that we do not control. The solution to this problem is as simple as using one of the applications that we show you below and with which we will be able to free up memory when our PC is slower than normal.

Reduce Memory

Reduce Memory is an application that allows us to configure the use of memory by Windows so that it automatically closes background processes to always leave free memory for the computer to function correctly. In addition, it also allows us to optimize the operation of memory through the Optimize function that is responsible for closing background processes that are not necessary for the operation of the applications that we have open and that are dispensable for the team.

Reduce Memory

In addition, it allows us to create a white list of applications that we do not want the application to close during the optimization process. Reduce Memory is compatible from Windows XP onwards and works without problems in Windows 11. It is translated into Spanish and we can download it through this link .

Mem Reduce

Another interesting application that we can also use to eliminate applications from RAM memory and optimize the operation of our PC is Mem Reduct. This application monitors occupied and free memory in real time, allows us to create a white list of programs to be excluded, and incorporates a function that is responsible for eliminating all background processes that are not necessary for the system.

Mem Reduct

Mem Reduct is a portable, very light, free application that does not include any type of advertising. We can download it from its website from here and it is completely translated into Spanish.

Mem Plus

MemPlus is an open source application with which we can also eliminate all applications open in the background on our PC in order to free up RAM memory that we can use for applications open in the foreground without having to resort to virtual memory.


Not only is it in charge of eliminating the file system cache, but it is also in charge of analyzing and closing open processes in the background that are not necessary at that moment for the system or for the application that we are using. MemPlus is a free application that we can download from its website in a portable or installable version.