Movistar’s tips for your home WiFi to fly

All of us need the Wi-Fi connection at home to reach every corner, and also, that it does so with good coverage to have a high download and upload speed. This on many occasions is an impossible mission, but Movistar has launched a series of quite interesting tips to improve the wireless signal at home, however, there will always be cases in which using a Wi-Fi repeater or a Wi-Fi Mesh system is completely necessary if you want to have a good connection. Next, we are going to explain the recommendations that Movistar gives to improve WiFi once and for all.

Movistar recommendations to improve WiFi

Movistar's tips for your home WiFi to fly

The operator has recently launched the Movistar Router Smart WiFi 6, a model that has completely revolutionized wireless performance compared to its predecessor. This new router not only has the new Wi-Fi 6 standard, but has also shown great wireless performance in all circumstances. If you want to know what Movistar recommends to further improve the home network, you can read the tips below.


Movistar recommends us to check the WiFi coverage on our device and also the distance from the router. If we are relatively close to our router and the coverage indicator is low, then it is because there are different elements in our house that are greatly attenuating the wireless signal. Some devices that cause a great attenuation are the television, the oven, the refrigerator and also the microwave. In addition, one of the objects that most affect WiFi connectivity are mirrors, for this reason in bathrooms we usually have little wireless coverage. It must also be taken into account that materials such as metals, water, tiles and even people cause the signal to attenuate more quickly.

It is very important to try that from where we are connecting to the router there are none of these objects in the middle of the communication, although logically in many cases it is not possible.

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Number of connected devices

With every wireless device that we connect to the home WiFi network, even if they are not being used, they are “occupying” the wireless channel and saturating the WiFi wireless network. In these cases, it is highly recommended to disconnect the WiFi devices that we are not using at the moment, such as a laptop (if it is not turned off), the tablet or smartphones if we are not using the WiFi network.

Any device that is turned on that we are not using is a possible cause that the wireless network in general works very slowly, even if we have good coverage on our device.


Current routers usually have two frequency bands, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Some equipment that incorporates Bluetooth and the WiFi networks of our neighbors interfere a lot in the 2.4GHz band, therefore, it is highly recommended that all your devices connect to the 5GHz band whenever possible.

Regarding the devices that can cause interference in the wireless network at home, wireless phones, baby monitors or Bluetooth speakers cause quite strong interference, which will cause us to have very low speed and even WiFi outages. Of course, the microwave when it’s in operation too.

Nuevo router Smart WiFi 6 de Movistar

Wired connection whenever possible

Movistar recommends that, whenever possible, we use the Ethernet network cable to connect different devices such as Smart TV, game console, computer, etc.

In this way, we will not only be taking advantage of the maximum speed of fiber optics, but we will also be decongesting the wireless network, by having fewer clients connected simultaneously.

Router position

It is very important that the router is in a high and clear position , such as on a table, but we must not place it behind a glass cabinet, our Smart TV or any other objective that hinders the wireless signal. For example, placing it on top of a shelf or on top of the table where the TV is is a good option.

The new Movistar router is placed vertically, perfect for not placing any object on top that causes a higher temperature or harms the WiFi network.

Importance of devices

Another aspect that we must take into account is that older devices that support very old standards will make the wireless network work more slowly, it is something that you must take into account. Of course, the devices that you currently have, it is recommended that you always update them to the latest version of the operating system, so that they do not have any type of incompatibility with the router.

All devices that support the Wi-Fi 6 standard will be able to enjoy the advantages that it incorporates, such as MU-MIMO, OFDMA, a higher speed in 2.4GHz and also in the 5GHz band.