Popsockets for mobile: which ones are worth it?

Popsockets for mobile

We are many users who spend hours and hours with the mobile in hand, either for work, study or pure necessity. In addition, mobile devices go from one place to another, and although most people use cases to protect them, it never hurts to have more security when it comes to holding them with our hands.

For this reason we bring you a small list in which you can find the best grip that suits your needs. These accessories are also known under the name of popsockets or grips, so we will find different products, from those with personalized drawings to those that come with a ring. Although, before choosing a grip, we will have to know what are the characteristics that we will have to look at.

We are facing one of those accessories that will make the use of the phone much more comfortable. We will even avoid possible slips and falls when you hold the mobile device.

How to choose it

There are all kinds of popsockets on the market, so it will be easy to find the one that best suits our needs and tastes, since not only will it depend on whether it has a ring or not, but we also find that some have the possibility of being compatible with any terminal, even some grips are able to adhere to any surface. Therefore, these are the characteristics that we should take into account before buying a grip:

popsocket a favor en contra

  • Interchangeable : some of these accessories allow us to change the head of the grip so that we do not have to remove the accessory completely.
  • Adhesion : we must pay attention to whether it can be adhered directly to any type of smartphone case, or it should be used on a phone that does not have a case.
  • Material : it is important that we look at what material they have used for its manufacture, as it may be more or less resistant to daily wear and tear.
  • Compatibility : we must check if it is compatible with our mobile device.
  • Size : Another important aspect will be the size, as it could be too big or too small for what we were looking for.

With ring

Not all popsockets on the market have the same design. In this case we bring you those grips that are accompanied by rings so that we can put our finger in and ensure the best possible hold of our mobile device. So these are the three options that we present to you.

Universal ring

This Owl fun accessory will fit perfectly on any mobile phone, plus we will have a flexible 360 degree rotation and a 90 degree turn. And its thickness will not be a problem, since it is 2.2 mm. Although it will occupy an important part of the back of the terminal (48.5 mm X 34 mm), but we will have an added advantage, and that is that its ring can be removed so that we can place it on a support with a magnet whenever we want. In addition, the material that has been used for its manufacture is zinc alloy .

popsocket con anilla

Multifunctional grip

If you are looking for a discreet design for your next ring grip, you should consider this one manufactured by JEEZAO . It also has a 360º rotation design and can be folded 90 degrees, although it is manufactured with premium materials, as it is made with a zinc alloy. In this case its size is 5.2 cm x 3.2 cm, although this is a pack of 2 supports, so you will have a replacement in case it breaks or you lose it. And, as in the previous case, it has a magnet so that we can place the phone on any magnetic support .

agarre con anilla

Stainless steel

In this case we are faced with a ring grip with a body made of zinc alloy and stainless steel , so it offers us great durability and resistance . In addition, it is capable of turning 360º and folding at an angle of 180 degrees, more than in the previous cases. It has been tested in many situations, it will remain subject at all times and, therefore, your mobile will always be safe. However, the downside to this Syncwire accessory is that it won’t be usable during wireless charging. And as for its dimensions, it has 10.2 x 10.2 x 1 cm.

agarre con anilla


We will not always look at the above details, although it should be almost mandatory, since there are many users who first look at the characteristic design that the popsocket has. Therefore, we bring you a few accessories that will not only meet the above requirements, but also have designs that will catch your eye.

With mirror

Not all designs have to be with rings or basic, we also find examples like this, since we will have a striking color. Although the best of all is that it comes with its own mirror that can be easily folded, in addition to turning. It can even adhere to almost any type of casing, that yes, it will not be able to stick in silicone or waterproof cases. This PopSockets brand product has dimensions of 3 x 3 cm

popsocket con espejo

Side grip

In this case we go to a popsocket that will not adhere precisely to the back of the terminal, but we will have to place it from side to side of the smartphone, as seen in the following image. Therefore, its dimensions will be much larger, specifically 8.2 x 3.96 x 1.63 cm. But with this, what we will achieve is that it also adapts to silicone covers. Although, in this case we are facing a compatible product for Apple phones . As for its material, it is made of silicone and is also from PopSockets.

popsocket lateral

The basics

The basics are not always bad. In this case we will not have a ring, nor with striking colors or drawings, but it does not mean that it does not fulfill its main function: that of ensuring that the smartphone does not fall out of our hand. In addition, you can find a basic grip that meets all the conditions that we had previously set for you.

The classic

In black, one of the most basic in the world, but that will meet the needs of users. We are facing a product also from PopSockets that has the possibility of exchanging its head in case we get tired of its color. In addition, it is compatible with any mobile device and has the following dimensions 3.96 x 0.71 x 3.96 cm. In addition, this grip is compatible with wireless charging, as it can be easily removed without it being a problem to put it back later. The problem is that it does not stick to phones that have silicone and water resistant cases.

popsocket básico

With card holder

That it is basic in terms of design does not imply that it not only helps us to better hold the phone, since in this case we find a popsocket that has an integrated card holder . So it will be a plus for those users who want to carry their cards with the phone, it even has a space for three cards . But, the negative side is that its dimensions will be larger, since it has a size of 8.99 x 5.77 x 1.07 cm. However, it is compatible with wireless charging and it will be very easy to take it off and put it back on the mobile phone. Of course, it also does not manage to adhere to silicone cases, although this PopSockets product is compatible with any mobile device.

popsocket con tarjetero

No adhesive

This PopSockets brand product in black color is compatible with the vast majority of smartphones, it also does not need to be glued to the back as it grips from side to side . So it can be adjusted on a mobile device that has a silicone case. In addition, it is not an option for those users who do not have a case on their smartphones. Regarding the dimensions of the product, it has 2.06 x 1.8 x 7.26 cm. In addition, it is interchangeable, so we can remove the Top and put another one whenever we want.

popsocket sin adhesivo

Which one to buy?

In summary, taking into account each of the characteristics that we had set for you at the beginning, from size, compatibility, multifunctionality or if it is adherent to any surface, the truth is that we are going to recommend one of the most basic grips. Therefore, the classic black grip of the PopSockets brand is a good way to test this type of product on your smartphone if you have never had one on your terminal.

In addition, it is one of the best brands in the world of smartphone grips. It is even compatible with wireless charging and later we can remove its head to place a totally different design. The negative lake as we said before is that it will not be possible to adhere to silicone shells.