How to fix Smart View problems on Samsung mobiles

fix Smart View problems on Samsung mobiles

Today technology has reached levels where we can even use smartphones to watch content on our Smart TVs. In the case of Samsung phones, we have software tools that will help us do this, such as the Smart View app. However, it will not be the only option, since as we will see later, the Korean company launched a new option.

Leaving this detail aside, there are still many users who continue to opt for the Smart View option, but, as with any connection, it can lead to the odd connectivity problem with a smart TV. Therefore, we will explain how to solve the error when trying to duplicate the screen of your Samsung Galaxy to the TV, in addition to the new application that you should be thinking about downloading on your phones.

What is it?

One of the best options offered by Smart TVs today is the possibility of controlling them from the mobile, as well as sending them files that we have stored on the mobile. Samsung televisions were among the first to support this function, and they did so from Smart View.

Smart View Samsung

Therefore, this tool is a method to mirror your phone’s screen to a TV via Wi-Fi . You can view your favorite photos, videos, presentations and games on a bigger screen. In addition, once said app is launched, an on-screen wizard appears that allows you to see the available televisions that are compatible on the one hand.

Once the corresponding TV is selected, the Samsung Smart View interface appears in which the available contents are listed, separated by the following tabs: Video, Photos and Music. To move between these options we will only need to move with the touch panel. In addition, we are facing an app that can be used on Galaxy phones with Android 4.3 or higher and with devices compatible with Miracast.

Fix your mistakes

As we will see later, the most current Smart TVs no longer have compatibility with this software. But, if in your case it still works for you and it is now when it has started to give you problems, these are the steps you should follow.

Set it up well

To start, your Galaxy phone must be connected to the same network as your Smart TV. So we must follow the following steps to verify that the same Wi-Fi connection is being used. First, swipe down from the top of the phone screen to open the Quick Settings Panel. Then press and hold the Wi-Fi icon to open your device’s Wi-Fi Settings. Here we will verify that we are connected to the correct network, in addition to that we can change it if necessary.

Wi-Fi móviles Samsung

Then, we will have to accept the necessary permission on our TV. Therefore, if your TV requires permission to duplicate the screen of our mobile, we will have to select Allow on your TV first. Therefore, click on the Smart View icon in the Quick Settings Panel and choose your TV from the list. If you still do not see the panel of your mobile on the TV screen, you should continue trying the following methods.

Smart View Samsung

Adjust the screen format

The connection with Smart View and your TV may be fine, but it cannot view the panel of your phone because you have not correctly configured the screen format of your smartphone or, simply, it has been misconfigured for some time. Therefore, we will have to adjust it again.

For this, we will have to click on the blue Smart View icon and then touch the aspect ratio of the phone. Here you can choose the settings you want. Although, we recommend selecting Full Screen on the connected device. Although if you prefer to change to another format on the connected device every time Smart View begins to mirror your mobile screen, you can activate ‘Remember settings’ as a useful option for you. Of course, keep in mind that this can cause some applications to restart.

Reset your mobile

If we have tried the previous methods and, even so, we cannot get the phone panel to be transmitted on the Smart TV, the only solution to this problem will be to reset the Samsung mobile to its factory settings. Although, before this, try restarting both devices.

In the event that the phone screen is still not connected or displayed, we must proceed to complete this method. However, we must bear in mind that resetting a mobile device to factory settings is irreversible, so we will erase all data from the terminal. Therefore, we recommend that if you do not want to lose any of your information, make a backup copy before trying to reset your phone.

Restablecer Samsung Galaxy a valores de fábrica

Then, we must access the settings and enter the General Administration section. After this, we will have to click on Reset> Reset factory values and move to the Reset option. Finally, we must choose Delete all.

The alternatives

Not always the previous option will be compatible with our television, or it has already stopped working on our Samsung device. For this reason, we will present you with two options so that you can continue sending content from your phone to your home Smart TV.


We have already been announcing a new option to share the screen of a Samsung mobile with a Smart TV, in this case we are talking about SmartThings . And it is that, although the Smart View app had more than 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store, and was among us since 2015. The Korean manufacturer announced the end of support for this application. Although, there are many users who have been able to continue using this app on their mobile by having it installed and not deleting it at any time.

SmartThings de Samsung

However, this is the most suitable option for those users who want to share the mobile screen with the smart TV . Therefore, here is the link for you to download this app:

Once you have it installed on your smartphone, we can connect to the TV in a faster and easier way. Open the SmartThings app and select your Smart TV from the list. Then, tap on More options (the three vertical dots)> Mirror Screen. Finally, click Start now in the message that will appear on the panel of your Samsung phone.

Use Chromecast

One of the most famous options in recent years is Chromecast. And it is that, since then, the mobile has become the point of union with the television so that we can see on the screen of a Smart TV all those movies that excite us or series that keep us in tension.

Of course, we will need a TV with built-in Chromecast, although today there are many that come with it. In case that is not the case, we can choose to buy the Google accessory that offers us the possibility of converting any television that has an HDMI input into a Smart TV. And, finally, we will need the application that allows us to make decisions about this connectivity that we are going to carry out, called Google Home, which we can download at the following link:

Google Home
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