PopSockets on Mobiles: Are They Practical or a Problem?

Although the name may be unknown to us, we have surely seen this curious accessory on the back of mobile phones . Under the name of PopSocket because it is the brand in charge of making them known, this companion for mobile phones has been living with users for years, although there are those who hate them and those who loved them as in so many other trends.

However, there are reasons for both cases and we want to put on the table everything that can lead us to use PopSocket on mobile phones or, on the contrary, to never use them. You will have to decide what weighs more on your personal scale and choose if the points for it outweigh those that are put against it. What seemed like a passing fad has finally settled and its compatibility with any mobile makes it difficult for it to soon disappear, becoming a primary advantage for those who manufacture them.

Advantages offered by using a PopSocket on your mobile

popsocket movil mano

Improved mobile hold

The key point and which makes many people choose to use PopSockets on mobile phones has to do with holding the mobile itself. Although mobile phones are highly studied and their ergonomics are designed to be able to hold them with one hand, in most cases we choose to place a finger on the bottom of the phone, something we avoid when using this accessory.

The subject is not only useful when we are consulting social networks or news on the smartphone, but also when taking photos with the mobile. With this accessory the ergonomics are significantly improved and we take a step forward with something that has a minimal price.

Personalization for mobile

Many other users see the aesthetics it offers as a point in favor of the PopSocket, without looking for the utility, they buy them to bring a distinctive touch on the smartphone . The low cost of PopSocket in stores allows us to change it when we get tired of it and its aesthetics. They say that the first and most important thing is that something enters our eyes and the different designs that we find can achieve it, although for others it is not at all attractive.

Negative points of PopSocket

popsocket movil mano

Mobile size increases

The first negative point that we are going to find is that now that we have placed the PopSocket in the mobile it is that we cannot easily put the smartphone in our pocket. Virtually all of them can be folded, but it still means a significant increase in thickness for the mobile . This will cause you to have to carry the mobile in your hand and although the ergonomics are improved, it will always be better and safer to carry it in your pocket.

They leave a mark on the mobile or case

There are those who choose to place the PopSocket in the case so that there is no mark on the mobile and those who prefer to opt for the mobile, risking not carrying a case. In any of the cases we are going to run into a small mark that in some cases can be difficult to clean.