How to find apps compatible with Android Auto?

find apps compatible with Android Auto

Google has at its disposal a long list of applications under its label that are very useful. One of them is Android Auto , the company’s intelligent navigation system from which you can control various aspects related to your phone from your car.

In an accessible way you can reject calls, answer messages, play music … Although it is true that the number of software that Google allows to use is rather limited, but there are many alternatives among its mobile configurations. Therefore, there is a trick to know which applications are compatible with Android Auto.

Simple and effective

With Android Auto, driving becomes much easier thanks to the tools it provides, although on certain occasions we want to give the application a facelift and use apps other than those that Google brings by default.

This is entirely possible, but not all of them are compatible with the system. For this reason, the American company has integrated a way to easily access those that can be used.

Comprobar Apps compatibles Android Auto

To do this, all you have to do is start Android Auto and display the side menu by clicking on the three horizontal stripes. Among the various options, you will comfortably come across ‘Applications for Android Auto’ , which will redirect you to a section of Google Play where all the compatible apps are found.

And the ones that are not?

Most of the applications compatible with Android Auto are related to messaging, navigation or music and radio playback. This is mainly due to the fact that they do not distract the driver from the work of driving, which has to be of vital interest.

However, there is a method to install apps that Google does not initially allow on its smart navigation system. Thanks to software like AAAD (Android Auto Apps Downloader) this is possible.

Interfaz AAAD

The process is really simple. To install any application on Android Auto, you must first download the AAAD APK . Once downloaded and installed on your mobile phone, access the tool. Inside it you will see a list of applications differentiated by their purpose.

Choose the one you want to start the download and then the installation . This software has two main disadvantages: it only offers the ability to download certain apps, so don’t expect to use Netflix or HBO (at least for now); You can only install one application each month unless you pay 3.50 euros to eliminate this limitation.