New Xiaomi Elliptical Trainer Review: Compete with Friends Online

xiaomi-elliptical-trainerThe Asian manufacturer is putting a lot of emphasis on the sport products sector. Yes, the Asian firm has become a benchmark, thanks to presenting height solutions at really interesting prices. And now, we were just surprised with a new connected elliptical bike , which will be your best ally to lose weight or stay in shape

Yes, the Beijing-based firm has IoT products of all kinds. From smart lamps, through light bulbs, heaters … And now it is the turn of an elliptical bike with a design suitable for all types of users, in addition to a functionality that makes a difference with its rivals.

For starters, this new Xiaomi gadget has been presented through the company’s collective financing page, where it is having an overwhelming success. Normal, if we consider the large number of features offered by this fun device for sports.

Bicicleta elíptica de Xiaomi

This is the new Xiaomi connected elliptical bike

To begin, aesthetically we are facing a well worked product. It supports a weight of up to 120 kilograms , so even if you have taken a few extra kilos during the Christmas holidays, you can burn those portions of nougat and other sweets without worrying about anything.

Add to this a design prepared for all types of profiles. More than anything because its pedals can be adapted to the size of your foot. It doesn’t matter if you have a size 45 or higher, this model is perfectly compatible. In addition, its aluminum finishes make it quite resistant, as well as light (it has a weight that does not exceed 50 kilograms).

Bicicleta elíptica de Xiaomi

But, beyond its design, the great strength of this new Xiaomi connected elliptical bike comes with its functionalities. It is ready for all family members to use. To do this, it has three different modes (walking, running and pedaling) with which you can adapt the speed according to your tastes.

Of course, its great strength comes with the social component offered by this new gadget from Xiaomi. More than anything because you can connect the elliptical to your mobile phone or tablet. For what? Well, to get the most out of the different multiplayer modes.

Usuario utlizando la nueva Bicicleta elíptica de Xiaomi

Once you have created your user profile, the bike will automatically save all the exercises you do . In addition, you can share your data with any other user, ideal if you want to prove that you are the best in your area. But, the funniest part comes with the versus you can do.

Yes, you read that right: you can sting with your friends in a way that allows you to compete to see who takes a longer ride with this Xiaomi elliptical trainer . A really interesting product, and that offers a plus of motivation to practice all kinds of sports. In addition, taking into account that its official price is 2,699 yuan (about 354 euros to change) is not a precisely expensive product, seeing the features it offers.

It will be necessary to see if any distributor is encouraged to offer this Xiaomi gadget outside the Chinese borders, because it is one of the best products of the brand to practice sports.