Best Alternatives to AirPods: High Quality Wireless Headphones

wireless-headphoneIndependent wireless headphones have become one of the preferred choices of users. This is because, among other things, they offer very great comfort when using them. Apple AirPods have become a benchmark in the market, but there are other models that are the same or better . We show several that you can choose if the Cupertino company accessory does not convince you.

All the devices you’ll find in this article offer a set of features that make them first and foremost complete. Without exception, the communication technology they use is Bluetooth , which ensures broad compatibility and stability. In this way, the chosen products can be used to listen to music or answer a call. By the way, it is important to take into account the absence of cable causes a battery to be included, so autonomy plays a very important role.

Uso deporte auriculares inalámbricos

As far as pairing is concerned, none of the chosen accessories offer problems, since the usual steps are followed to establish a synchronization with the aforementioned wireless interface. Therefore, in a matter of a few minutes you will have them fully available for use. And, by the way, the management of parameters is simple , since they are generally used by the operating system itself.

High Quality Headphones competing with Apple AirPods

Either for its quality or good value for money, then you will find models that we believe are recommended. And that, in addition, in our opinion are the best rivals that Apple headphones have in the market today are the following:

Sony WF-1000XM3

One of the great models and rivals of the AirPods that are in the market and as a choice is really successful. We speak of a headset that offers noise cancellation, excellent invoice, and allows True Wireless communication, so there is no loss. It integrates a QN1e chip that improves sound quality, and among other things it offers compatibility with the Alexa assistant.

Auriculares Sony WF-1000XM3 rival AirPods

Each unit has a 6 mm diaphragm, which ensures a fairly accurate sound, and DSEE HX enhancement technology is available. With a very careful ergonomics that ensures great support, the autonomy offered by these headphones is 24 hours thanks to the fact that its case integrates an additional battery.

Bose SoundSport Free

Another model that, above all, offers excellent quality in all aspects. It has no problems with the rain, as they offer IPX4 protection. The autonomy offered by adding the own that allows the cover comes at 15 hours. Good news is that they include a search function by using your application.

Bose SoundSport Free rival AirPods

With a weight of nine grams per unit, a technology called StayHear + Sport is integrated that allows you to improve your performance when you play sports. The charging is done by USB and the sound quality is beyond doubt.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 3

One of the virtues offered by this accessory is that the Kirin A1 chip is integrated, which optimizes both Bluetooth communication and consumption. They include cancellation and noise, as is usual in this type of device, and it is a cane type product. The control of the actions is executed with integrated panels.

Auricualres HUAWEI FreeBuds 3

Its low latency ensures good quality even for playing, and the sound is defined thanks to a 14 mm driver. Without problems with water, they can be recharged wirelessly, which is an interesting addition.

Jabra Elite 75t

If you are looking for a model that offers great autonomy, this is one that you should always keep in mind. It reaches the battery of its holster 28 hours, a really impressive brand. In addition, the inclusion of four microphones ensures good noise cancellation and being able to answer calls with excellent quality.

Jabra Elite 75t rival de AirPods

With water resistance, it allows access to the different voice assistants that exist in the market. It includes silicone elements for a good fit and is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 (AD2P). An option that many may prefer to AirPods.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

There is no doubt that the most striking aspect of this accessory is that each of the elements that compose it weighs only 4.54 grams, so using them is invaluable. Its battery as a whole ensures autonomy above 13 hours, so they comply perfectly using Bluetooth 5.0.

Auriculares Samsung Galaxy Buds

With the option of using wireless recharge, the sound it offers is optimized by AKG, so it is very well configured and ensures a good experience. Without compatibility problems, water is not a problem when used, so they can be used in all kinds of situations.

Powerbeats Pro

Aesthetically, this model is different from the rest, since it includes an additional fastening element that allows them to be as comfortable as they are stable when wearing them. With an autonomy that is located at 9 o’clock (it can reach 24 o’clock with its cover), which is not bad, perfectly withstand water and sweat. Ideal for sports, therefore.

Auricualres Powerbeats Pro

Interesting that they include button-type controls on their housing, which some surely appreciate. The Apple H1 chip that ensures good quality and performance in all areas is not lacking. A good rival of the AirPods.

Jaybird Vista

Very striking the case that includes these headphones, which is small and comfortable to use (without missing battery). They offer a high resistance, where there is no lack of water for IPX7 type. Excellent in what has to do with total autonomy: up to 32 hours according to the manufacturer.

Auriculares Jaybird Vista

Its 6 mm transducers ensure good sound quality, and several silicone options are included to make the fit in the ear as comfortable as possible.

JBL Reflect Flow Sport

This is a model designed for sports enthusiasts, which include appropriate options for this. An example is that they only weigh 4.54 grams per unit, and offer compatibility with IPX7. Striking Bionic Hearing and Talkthru technologies that ensure that what is happening outside is heard without losing sound quality.

JBL Reflect Flow Sport rivales AirPods

They have hands-free function and complete autonomy and together reaches 30 hours, an excellent brand that ensures long exercise sessions. It does not lack accessories to fit each user well.

Klipsch T5

The first thing to highlight in these wireless headphones that compete with the AirPods is that it has a most attractive design. Compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and four microphones, allowing good noise cancellation, offering good sound quality. Its autonomy without the cover is 8 hours, and with it it exceeds 15 without problems.

Auriculares Klipsch T5

Dynamic Moving Coil Micro Speaker technology optimizes the operation of this accessory, which is compatible with True Wireless and has a fairly contained weight. Complete and, above all, attractive this product.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM

Another of the models that must be taken into account, that the sound quality they allow is excellent. The complete autonomy reaches 12 hours, and all this without any problem with the water thanks to the IPX4 standard. Regarding ergonomics, it is very careful and can be optimized for each type of user.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM rivales AirPods

Playback control is done by gestures, and Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility is complete. This rival of the AirPods is True Wireless type, and the connectivity it offers is USB Type C, so it is quite current.