Xiaomi Viomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner with a Great Discount

viomi-vacuumIf cleaning the floor of your house is something that has you martyred once you return from work, one of the things you can do to remedy it is to get a robot vacuum cleaner . If this is something that you have in mind for a while, one of the options that is now recommended is to buy a Xiaomi Viomi Vacuum V2 since it has a more than interesting offer to get it.

This is a model that, among other things, offers a very simple use since everything you do can be managed by using an application that is installed on the smartwatch or tablet. To achieve this, Wi-Fi connectivity is used, so it is essential to make the most of it where it is used where it is used. By the way, among the functions offered by this home accessory are the sweeping and scrubbing, so it is quite useful.

Diseño del robot aspirador Xiaomi Viomi Vacuum V2

Aesthetically, this model is similar to the rest of the vacuum cleaner robots on the market, since it is circular with a diameter of 95 cm and a height of only 9.5. This allows you to access almost anywhere without many problems. Important to know that Xiaomi Viomi Vacuum V2 is able to overcome element of a height of two centimeters , so the carpets in general do not become a handicap. Important to know that this model, to offer a good quality, includes HEPA filters ; So the dust is well trapped and even a good job is done with the pollen.

Imagen lateral de Xiaomi Viomi Vacuum V2

Mapping, an option offered by Xiaomi Viomi Vacuum V2

Through laser technology LDS, which executes thanks to the circular element that exists in the upper area of the robot vacuum cleaner . This creates a complete map of the house and in this way the cleaning is as accurate as possible. In this way, time is not wasted in several passes through the same site. By having this information, thanks to the application used it is possible to establish virtual walls. A good detail that prevents the accessory from accessing some locations where it should not act (such as where there are many loose wires).

Diseño del aspirador Xiaomi Viomi Vacuum V2

Buy this robot vacuum cleaner

If you decide that this is one of the accessories that help you at home, you should know that right now you can buy with a 25% discount , so you will save 100 euros. To achieve this, you have to access the link that we leave the eBay store after this paragraph and, sure, that once you start using this device you will no longer want a robot vacuum cleaner in your home.

With a suction power of 2,100 PA , which ensures a good cleaning in general, its autonomy makes it possible to clean surfaces of up to 150 square meters without problems. To achieve this, apart from a good -2,300 mAh battery – a 450 ml tank is included, which allows everything to run smoothly while storing dirt. The recharge is done on a base that you access independently, and can be used with all types of floors.