Multi Commander: Alternative to Tabbed File Explorer

Right now Windows 10 is made up of a huge number of functions and features that, in sum, make up the operating system as such. In fact, all this does not stop growing over time, both in quantity and quality, something from which we, the users, benefit.

It is true that there are elements that are part of the Redmond system that have a greater use or acceptance than others, as you surely know. But we must also admit that certain functionalities have been with us for many years and versions of Windows and have no signs of changing. This is the case with the popular Device Manager, Control Panel, or File Explorer. In fact, in these same lines we are going to focus on this last section, the one that refers to the File Explorer that we use every day.

Multi Commander: Alternative to Tabbed File Explorer

This is an extremely important element in Windows, but at the same time, as many request, it needs certain improvements. We use this to better manage the contents stored on local, network or external disk drives. So we can move, copy, or delete files and folders , among many other functions. But as we say, in this regard this veteran component is asked for more. That is where third-party proposals come into play in this same sense.

Advantages of Multi Commander, the other File Explorer

For example, in the case that we are going to talk about here, we refer to Multi Commander. Specifically, we refer to one of the best known alternatives to Windows File Explorer thanks to the additional functions that it presents. To give us an idea, we are talking about a free file manager that uses an interface design that consists of two panels. With this, the intention is to optimize the types of jobs discussed above with files and folders.

But this design as such is not all, but at the same time the program has support to work with multiple tabs. This is something that has been requested for a long time from Windows Explorer , and the operating system in general. This is why Multi Commander currently has functions that have been gradually implemented based on the needs of users around the world.

Interfaz Multi Commander

As is to be expected, all of this allows us to work more efficiently and productively with the data that we have on our disk drives . In the same way, it puts at our disposal all the standard functions in this regard. So from here we can copy, move, paste, rename or view all kinds of content .

More advanced functions of this Explorer

But that’s not all, but perhaps the most attractive thing are the additional features that we will find in this software. We tell you this because this same program also presents us with the possibility of navigating within files, its own FTP connectivity, extraction of compressed files, the use of keyboard shortcuts, etc.

At the same time we will have the possibility to edit the MP3 tags, as well as having a useful function to rename a large number of files in one go. It is worth mentioning that some of these functions that we are talking about are located at the bottom of the main interface of the program. That way we will have access to them in a much faster and more effective way.

Funciones adicionales Multi Commander

In this section that we mention, we find functions as useful as hiding executable files or DLLs, selecting duplicate contents or MP3s, opening a calculator or marking all images. These, as I’m sure many of you already know, are functions that we can carry out in the traditional Windows Explorer, but after a series of previous steps. Here are common things that we can also carry out directly, with the time savings that all this entails.

In fact, it is worth noting that as soon as we install the application as such, the first thing we see is a window so that we can customize this interface a bit. Thus, we will have to indicate various parameters or the type of use that we are going to make of the program, in order to adapt it to our needs.

Inicio Multi Commander

How to Take Advantage of the Multi Commander Interface

As is usual in this type of specific program, Multi Commander presents us with a series of menus in the upper part of its interface. These give us access to all the functions that the program itself presents us, most of them included in the Tools option. But that’s not all, but a little below this, we see some buttons in the form of shortcuts to the most common functionalities in these programs.

Menú herramientas

In this section we find the basic functions of this type of program, as well as a powerful search engine, a content compressor, etc. All this, together with the two panels we have talked about, or the possibility of using tabs , make our day to day much easier with this alternative to Windows File Explorer.

Alternatives to Multi Commander

  • Unreal Commander: this is another proposal to replace the classic Windows File Explorer that allows us to choose a custom design for use. It also has a multitude of additional functions to this and incorporates a double pane window to facilitate its daily use. We can download it from this link .
  • Explorer ++: this is a similar program that you can download from here that also allows us to work with tabs. In this way, the use of this program is ostensibly optimized, and also being portable we can always carry it with us.
  • Cubic Explorer: you can do with this other proposal from this link and it presents us with a divisible and adjustable interface. This allows working with multiple files and folders in the best way.

How to download Multi Commander

In order to be able to get hold of the alternative program to the Explorer that we have talked about in these lines, we will achieve it from its official website . This way we will have a powerful application in our day-to-day running with Windows that will be very useful when working with the contents of the disk drives.

Therefore, all you have to do, and without spending a single euro, is to connect to the official website of its developer from this link .