Learn to survive with this game and see how the world is

The genre of survival games is not new and we have already played a few titles on PC that we can consider true classics. Rust is one of the ones that continues to work best, for example, or Subnautica , as an underwater variant, but the case of this one that we bring you today is surely one of the best that we have tried in recent years by far. And as if the good news were not enough, it is now available in early access format.

Learn to survive, just in case

Learn to survive with this game and see how the world is

The truth is that with the events that we have lived through in the last three years , one wants to learn the basic concepts of the wildest survival , lest a huge planetary blackout occur and we have to start collecting food from the fields. The game that we bring you today, which is going to give you a hand in those tasks, is Sons of the Forest , a continuation of The Forest from 2014 and which has aroused a lot of interest. So much so that it is among the most sought after and is a trend within Steam.

The game is basically a challenge in which we can create a team with other players and make our way by laying the foundations of our survival through hard work. And when we say something like that, it is true. In Sons of the Forest, the essential thing is to organize yourself, create work routines to obtain resources and build all kinds of objects with which to adapt to the environment. And we are not just talking about weapons to hunt and defend ourselves. There is much more.

Sons of the Forest.

For example, a roof to rest under, clothes that protect us from the cold and, obviously, earning the power of fire to create weapons with which to defend ourselves against some strange creatures that live in the depths of the forest, and that are going to be ours. main headache. Both during the day and at night.

For now only on PC

This Sons of the Forest is already available in early access format, which is like saying that its developers are still polishing things, although it must be said that the game that we are going to download is much more finished and stable than many other titles that have arrived. with that early access tag. Be that as it may, it is a really interesting development, one of those that appear every so often and that you have surely heard about -well- in recent times.

If you want to buy it at a discount, you can do it directly on pages like Eneba, which replace keys as they receive them and which are somewhat cheaper than the price set on Steam, which is 28.99 euros. In the first hours of the game’s sale there have been times when it was out of stock, but if you’re really interested in getting it, stay tuned because they will surely have more codes soon. Learning to survive in these current times has become… necessary?