Intel announces the development of a compact computer and, ecological?

Intel has just presented its concept of an ecological computer and, therefore, aims to reduce the carbon footprint. In fact, it has agreed with several assemblers from China and Taiwan to create a series of systems that meet a series of technical specifications. Let’s see how the computers of the future are considered from the point of view of caring for the environment.

Not all tasks need high power, what’s more, many of them are highly inefficient due to the fact that they are using computers that are much more powerful or necessary to do them and at the same time more complex in terms of their components. I hope that for some applications it is necessary to make a type of PC that is more sustainable for the environment and that is the proposal that we are going to talk about in this article.

Intel announces the development of a compact computer

This is the ecological computer from Intel

For the creation of this ecological computer, they have had to be retouched from the first corner to the last screw, which includes important changes, the circuitry. That is why we have decided to name them or rather list them so that you get an idea of what the Intel’s proposal. Let us tell you that it is not a type of PC that can be built at home, but that the manufacturing company uses in the ideal of integration of the assemblers that are partners of the brand to carry out designs that would otherwise be impossible.

  • The concept is to create a tower with a smaller volume than the classic 15L ATX towers today in a highly compact 7L format.
  • The CPU of the ecological PC from Intel is a Core 12 for laptops, we know this from the fact that it does not have the chipset on the board and concentrates all the communication functions with the components and peripherals inside the processor. This also allows you to reduce the volume and not depend on a complex cooling system, since its processors are usually 45 W by far.
  • A good part of the components of the board have been reduced by integrating 1 center of others, cutting 22% of them and allowing it to be much more compact compared to a conventional ATX board. What’s more, with this they have managed to cut the area of the motherboard by 36%
  • Another point to highlight is the power supply with efficiency equivalent to a PSU with 80 PLUS Titanium certification, that is, 96%. Being the high quality of the sources 1 of the important points for the ecological PC of Intel.

Concepto Ordenador Ecologico Intel

Sustainable not only inside, but also outside

how does ecological measures wait, not only has an impact on the inside of the computer that has been proposed, but also on its exterior. hello with casings of both the main tower, peripherals, as well as components such as fans and other elements made with recycled material. It is expected that the material recovery rate will reach up to 95% in the case of metal and glass and 90% in the case of organic matter.

And since we are talking about recycling, everything is designed so that today, in a closed circuit of the use of materials, old computers go to recycle to manufacture new ones under the same concept. What do you think of this proposal? Will it be limited to only one type of computers or will it define the rest of them? Are we facing the reformulation of conventional towers?