NVIDIA will "rent" its graphics cards in the cloud for ChatGPT, Dall-E and the like

It is no secret to anyone, and by now that graphics cards have long ceased to be products for running games at high speed and with beautiful graphics and have been used for a long time in various professional markets and not only for design if not topics of scientific computing and artificial intelligence. The latest from NVIDIA is jumping on the bandwagon of generative AIs that are all the rage right now. What is your proposal?

From NVIDIA they have presented accounts to investors and have confirmed what had been known for a long time that graphics cards for gaming are selling less and less and that they will join the bandwagon of generative AI in order to give output to a generation of cards. graphics designed for a market situation which no longer exists.

NVIDIA will "rent" its graphics cards in the cloud

It is being a bad year of sales for the GeForce

The financial reports are of little interest to the average user, to say none, however, they serve as a reading of the market and the case at hand, which is that of envy, can be observed as the bubble of graphics cards to undermine them. It has done considerable damage to your finances.

And that one thing that we are clear about is the fact that the design of the new RX 40 was thought up in the middle of the mining bubble with the aim of continuing to capitalize on it, which would totally explain the high prices of the new models. outside the purchasing power of the average user.

Ganancias Gaming por mercado

In other words, they enjoy where the market comes from, not because of the facts in the present time but in the past, that is, the previous generations of graphics cards. Hence, as seen in the graph above, the envy gaming part has been the one that has raised the least money from one year to the next. At the same time they have found the GeForce Now experiment there was a way in which to take advantage of unsold graphics cards and be able to make money with them like other cloud services.

NVIDIA puts its graphics cards at the service of generative AI

And it is that if a few days ago we told you about AMD‘s huge mistake of not being able to capitalize on its graphics cards for it in full effervescence of automatic content generation services, today we bring you the already official news of what envy is going to rent its graphics cards or rather its DGX systems for use in this class of services. What will allow them to derive a good part of the graphics cards not sold by this service.

Datacenter Inteligencia Artificial AMD Intel NVIDIA IA Generativas

The use of GPUs as a means of production, that is, to create things that allow you to earn money, can be capitalized with greater value, for what it can contribute today than the pure gaming market. That was the reason why mining graphics cards ended up dwarfing the demand for gaming graphics cards. However, this time around Jen Hsen Huang have been smarter than mining and have decided to capitalize themselves using their own graphics cards.

On the other hand, and to finish, let’s not forget that this is a new type of software and, therefore, its use and that generates expectation from companies of all kinds, which will mean, as happened with mining in a lawsuit. For its excessive part of graphics cards. In any case, we do not believe that it was going to be as exaggerated as in the previous case, but rather limited, given that some of these graphics cards have certain limitations in terms of AI, especially in terms of the amount of video RAM. .