Rust, the Survival Game that Brings Together Youtubers in EGOLAND

A new phenomenon has been born with the arrival of 2021, and once again it is a game that was launched several years ago on the market. We are talking about Rust, the well-known survival that is having a second youth thanks to a meeting between renowned streamers such as elRubius, Ibai, Lolito and many more.

What game is Rust?


Released in 2018 by FacePunch Studios (known for developing the famous Garry Mod’s), Rust is an action and survival game in which the player must find a way to survive in a completely unknown place equipped only with a rock and a torch . Thus begins your adventure, having to find resources, construction materials and new plans with which to give life to new accessories such as weapons or structures to set up your base camp.

The complicated thing about Rust is that the player must also fight against vital factors such as thirst, hunger or the outside temperature, not to mention the other players who are playing on the server, who can attack you with the sole intention of stealing your resources.

Matter of survival

And there are no friends in Rust. Survival also implies being aware of possible human attacks, also known as Raids, and is that groups or clans are organized to attack bases of other players in search of a large amount of resources that allow them to continue creating tools and expand their own base.


In the end, Rust is full of thieves and unscrupulous people, and that is one of the main reasons why many players often do not take the pressure. Imagine having accumulated hours and hours of play, with a base full of chests full of metals, wood and other elements. You thought your life in Rust was peaceful, until one day you go back into the server and discover that everything has been stolen from you. Yes, disconnecting from the server will not prevent someone from attacking your home, so try to protect everything with traps and armored doors.

What is EGOLAND?

To play Rust you just have to have the game and connect to one of the many servers that exist with maps of the game. Once inside the server, you will find other players who have logged in, and that is where you start your new life. Well, EGOLAND is a server in which many of the great Spanish-speaking YouTubers and streamers of the moment have been cited, being able to find ElRubius, Ibai Llanos, Lolito Fernandez.

EGOLAND is a server created by another YouTuber, AlexBy, who has been in charge of preparing the map and the server to bring together more than 50 youtubers and streamers to fight for survival. Although there are no rules in Rust, the server has established rules that players must respect at all times:

  • You can only do 2 raids per day
  • To be able to raid, the affected person must be connected
  • No raids can be done in the first 48 hours of play
  • You can only speak for the game
  • You cannot play more than 8 hours a day on the server

Can I enter EGOLAND?

To enter the EGOLAND server you need an invitation, so you will not be able to play unless you have the permission of one of the players who are already inside.