iPhone XR: How to Fix Problems with WhatsApp

Occasionally, updates that come with the label to fix known errors, generate new ones. It is not what is expected, but there are users who suffer the consequences. If these errors take place in smaller applications, it can be less annoying, but when the affected is WhatsApp and a best-seller like the iPhone XR, things change.

Since the iOS update to version 13.2.3 , many iPhone XR users are having problems with WhatsApp. These drawbacks continue even after upgrading to higher versions. These errors have to do with unexpected closings of the application, slowness or problems to execute it correctly. Luckily, there are some methods to try to fix the problem and we can do it by doing some very simple actions.

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How to fix the problem

Close all apps in the background

The first solution is to close all apps in the background and restart iPhone XR. To do this, slide your finger upwards and then swipe right or left to browse the preview of the applications. To close each app we slide up. This method allows the software conflicts that may be occurring to disappear . Similarly, restarting the iPhone will allow to eliminate given software errors after a new update.

The iPhone XR can be restarted by holding down the side button and either of the volume buttons for a few seconds. Then we release both buttons until the message “Slide to Turn Off” appears. We drag the button to the right, wait 30 seconds and press the power button again until we see the Apple logo again.

Check for pending updates

If we have any pending updates, it is possible that it will solve the problems of our iPhone XR with WhatsApp. It is something that has worked for a large part of users. To check it we went to the AppStore and tap on “Today” at the bottom. Then we tap on the user profile icon on the right side of the screen. Once we see the details of the account, click on “Updates available” and touch Update all to leave nothing pending. Then we will have to restart the mobile to verify that WhatsApp works correctly.

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Reset Settings

Another solution that works is to reset the settings to fix WhatsApp. An incorrect configuration in the system could affect the correct operation of many apps, including WhatsApp. To reset these settings we will have to go to Settings / General / Reset and click on Reset Device Settings. This will not erase any personal data but will allow WhatsApp to work correctly again in a large part of the cases.

Return to factory settings

It is the method that nobody wants, but that gives very good results ultimately. That our iPhone is returned to its factory settings will eliminate any possible trace that is preventing the proper functioning of WhatsApp on our iPhone XR. To do so, click on Settings / General / Restart. Once inside, click on delete the content and settings. We will have to enter the password of our device and click on confirm. Once the process is finished, we will install WhatsApp again and the problem should have disappeared.