How to Take Screenshots on Redmi Phones

It is not surprising that many users take more screenshots than photographs. Being able to have an image record of what happens on our mobile is useful for many tasks, including sharing information in real time with our contacts. It is almost impossible to find a smartphone that does not allow taking screenshots . Today we wanted to review how we can carry out this action on Xiaomi Redmi phones.

As the customization layers have advanced over time, the options for taking a screenshot have expanded . The method of taking the screenshot can change between brands, but fortunately models of the same brand usually have a unified way of doing it.

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How to take screenshots on Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 8

We have taken as reference two of the best-selling Redmi mobiles of the moment. However, as we say, the method is similar for all brand devices.

Classic method

The first method makes use of the physical buttons of our Redmi. In order to take a screenshot, we will have to be right on the screen that we want to immortalize. Then we will have to simultaneously press the power button and the volume button below . Once the mobile is done, it will take half a second to capture it. When it is done, we can access direct access options to share or edit it.

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Direct method

Fortunately, we have a very precise alternative method that will prevent us from having to touch the physical buttons of the mobile. This method is the salvation of many users, when due to some fall or prolonged use, any of the buttons necessary to do it with the first method, do not respond correctly.

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For this we will have to access the notifications menu and look for the screen capture icon. We will only have to click on the icon dedicated to the screenshots and our mobile will perform the action automatically. The capture will be shown as we have seen in the previous method to be able to share or edit it.

Using the gesture system

It is possibly the most useful method of all and the fastest. When you get used to using it you will banish the other two options. It is about taking advantage of the MIUI gesture system to make a capture with our Redmi. To do this, we will have to slide three fingers from the bottom of the screen to the top half of it. The screenshot will be done automatically. It may not come out the first time and will require some practice. Likewise, we can take a long screen capture, to capture more content, for example the text of a web page. The method is similar to the previous one, but sliding the three fingers from the top to the bottom of the screen.