Projector vs TV: What is the Best Option

When it comes to consuming TV shows and movies at home, if you’re looking for a movie experience, TV is still king. Still, there are those who question whether or not it is the best option. How about betting on a projector ? If you have the same question, we will tell you the reasons for choosing one or the other option.

Reasons to choose a television

The television is and will remain for many the best option when it comes to watching content on the big screen at home. And on the one hand it is understandable, because if we compare it with a projector, it offers advantages that most users are not willing to give up.

The first and most basic is the ease of use , or rather the installation. It is not that it is extremely complex to install and use a projector, but it is true that some aspects must be taken into account to enjoy its maximum quality.

Then there are other additional reasons that make you go for a television. Regardless of the amount of light in the room, you can view the content without any problem. This if it is to watch a sports broadcast or the news, it is more comfortable to do it on TV. Because for 99% of the projectors you are going to close the blinds to see the image well.

At the level of resolution and image quality, televisions also have a competitive advantage. A 4K projector is more expensive when compared to the large and varied offer of 4K screens on the market. Also in terms of sound it wins, because even though it is better to opt for an external audio system, the speakers of a TV sound better than the integrated ones (if any) of a projector.

And finally, if what you are looking for is also a screen to connect a console to, then you practically don’t even think about it: buy a TV. Considering how large-inch screens have dropped in price, it’s now easy to get a 65-inch or even a 75-inch TV at an attractive price point compared to what they cost a few years ago.

So why choose a TV over a projector:

  • Large diagonals at a good price
  • Ease of use and installation
  • More efficient sound system
  • Do not depend on the light in the room
  • 4K resolution as already widespread
  • Great choice as a display to play

If you had doubts and what you are looking for is one of these advantages that we list, it is clear which is the most interesting option for you a priori.

Reasons to choose a projector

After seeing the reasons for choosing a television, you might think that there is nothing then that justifies the purchase of a projector. What’s more, even having it wouldn’t be a really good idea. Well no, it is not like that. The user profile that is interested in purchasing a projector may have decreased over the years, but there are plenty of reasons to do so.

If the prices of large-inch televisions have been reduced, that of projectors as well. It is true that a model capable of delivering a 4K image is more expensive than a mid-range TV with the same resolution, but the option is there. There are 4K projectors capable of delivering a very sharp image.

And no, although issues of brightness, contrast or color representation may concern you, the key is in the lighting of the room . If you can adapt a room optimally, being able to control the light that enters or not, you will enjoy a very good quality image if the projector’s technical performance is correct.

In terms of installation, here it depends on the type of projector you choose. Short throw projectors have the “downside” of being somewhat more expensive, but the distance you will need to have a large screen diagonal is minimal. Therefore, due to the way it is projected, to have a diagonal of, for example, 100 inches, you will only need a table or furniture that you will place right on the wall where you are going to project the image or place the projection screen.

If it is not a short throw projector, then you will have to take into account the distance of the projection area and the projector itself to obtain a certain diagonal. And take into account where you are going to place the player or how you will send the input signal. Still, knowing that there are models that offer support for Chromecast or a Smart TV system (with the same Apps and services that you will find in smart TVs), you only need an outlet and that’s it.

Both short shot and not, the projectors have an important advantage for use in apartments where there is not much space or you want to optimize more. It is, although it may not seem like it, one of the great attractions of projectors: the optimization of space.

The issue of the wear of your lamps is something that has already been overcome long ago. The use of LED lighting and other technologies have helped make the life of a projector quite long. So you don’t have to worry about using it for several hours a day. Another thing is that walking down the lighting in the room is more or less comfortable.

Therefore, the keys to betting on a projector are:

  • Big screen with little effort
  • Space optimization when not in use
  • Image quality has improved, they come to offer 4K resolution
  • Same advantages as Smart TVs with models with smart operating systems or chromecast support
  • Price

As you can see, projectors also offer more than enough advantages and reasons so betting on them is not a bad idea at all. Of course, what is going to mark the balance is the use.

The best cinematic experience

Star Wars Home Cinema

How and why you are going to use a television or projector is what could really make you opt for one or the other option. As a versatile and comfortable device, televisions are practically unrivaled. Also taking into account the prices and models available even less, but if you have had the opportunity to test a quality projector in a room well adapted for use, you will already know what the user experience is like.

Projectors, when it is possible to adapt a room well, is accompanied by a good sound system and everything related to installation, distances of use, projection screen, etc. is optimized, offering the best cinematic experience . Therefore, if you are passionate about movies and series and want to enjoy it in the same way as when you go to the cinema, then the projector is the ideal option.

Still, it’s up to you to decide. Whatever you choose, surely you will do it. And if you have doubts, just use the comments and we will be happy to help you.