HTTP Downloader: Save time and bandwidth when downloading from the Internet

There are many uses we make every day of our Internet connection , from playing reading news, or interacting with others through social networks. But of course, another of the most widespread uses we make of our connection is for downloading all types of content, whether personal or work.

It is true that the browsers we use today are prepared for these tasks related to downloads. In fact they put at our disposal a good amount of functions to facilitate this type of tasks in particular. But with everything and with it and in the case that we make massive use of these Internet downloads , we can also use other solutions outside the browser itself.

This is the case that we are going to talk about in these lines, a powerful download manager called HTTP Downloader. This is a free software that you can download from here , and that we can also use as an extension in Firefox or Chrome . To say that if we opt for the application , it is portable, so we do not need to install it in the system. The first thing we meet once we run it, is with a fairly basic and intuitive user interface.

How to get started with the HTTP Downloader download manager

However, the configurable options can be found in the menu located at the top. In the same way we will have the possibility to activate the toolbar from the View / Toolbar, in order to access more quickly some of the most common options. Similarly, from the File menu we can add the URLs to download content. We will also have the possibility to save, export or import the download history. Therefore, as is easy to imagine, we find a powerful download manager complementary to the browser.

HTTP Downloader interfaz

In addition, this program supports drag-and-drop functions to start new file downloads. Thus, once it is in operation, simply drag the button we use to download the file, or the link, directly to the HTTP Downloader interface. In the main interface we will see the number of downloads loaded, both active and queued. Similarly, the file type, its name, downloaded information size and a progress bar are displayed.

On the other hand, how could it be otherwise, because we deal with a manager we can start, pause, stop or restart the work at any time. In this way and thanks to this application, we will have greater control over the downloads we make daily. It is also interesting to know that if any fails, restarting it again is simple as using the update download option or manually add a different URL. Buscador de HTTP Downloader

At the same time, if we have many downloads in operation at that time, the application offers us its own search engine. This is found in the Tool / Search menu and will save us a lot of time when it comes to locating a specific job . We also have a login administrator in the Tools / Options menu and add our credentials to the servers that need them.

Get the most out of the HTTP Downloader program

Of course, we will also have the possibility to configure a default download folder , a maximum bandwidth to use, or specify a number of active downloads. Thus, with these last two functions, we achieve that the program does not consume all the bandwidth we have available when making many simultaneous downloads.

gestor HTTP Downloader descargas

We must also take into account that this program is intelligent, since it checks if a file already exists in the indicated download folder. In this way we avoid downloading duplicate content, something that is done automatically. Because the application is placed in the system tray, we can access it quickly and easily.

For all this, in the case that in the day to day we only deal with a good amount of simultaneous downloads, this is an excellent option. It is also a program that barely consumes system resources , portable, and helps manage bandwidth for these tasks. We do all this from a clean and easy to understand interface, something that is a priority for the developers of HTTP Downloader.