This Chrome feature allows you to send text from your PC to your mobile

Google is constantly working to improve the ecosystem of Chrome, the most used web browser worldwide. Every once in a while try new features and features that may be useful for users. Above all, to facilitate the connection between PC and mobile. Right now it is possible to share URLs between the PC and the mobile, being able to open any open web on one device from the other. Now Google has gone a step further, and its new feature, Share Clipboard , allows us to send any text that we easily copy from the PC to the mobile.

Share Clipboard, or shared clipboard , is an experimental feature that has just been introduced in Google Chrome 79 that seeks to facilitate the sending of text between two computers or devices through synchronization with the Google account.

This function is disabled by default, since it is still in the testing phase and may have errors or may not work properly. However, if we want to try it before anyone else, if we have installed the latest version of Chrome we can already do it simply by activating the experimental options, or flags, that we show you below.

Share Clipboard: requirements and configurations

The first thing to do is make sure you are using Google Chrome 79 . At the moment the stable version is only reached by 78, so to be able to make use of this novelty we will have to download Chrome beta , the version that is one step ahead than the stable one.

Another essential requirement to use this feature is to be logged in with our Google account and have synchronization enabled. In addition, this function is only available for PC and Android. IOS users will not yet be able to use this new feature to share text between PC and mobile.

Once we meet these two requirements, the following will be to enter the experimental Chrome settings menu. For this we will write in the following in the address bar:

chrome: // flags /

And once there we will look for the following experimental options:

  • Enable receiver device to handle shared clipboard feature
  • Enable shared clipboard feature signals to be handled
  • Sync Clipboard Service

Google Chrome - Compartir portapapeles 1

We activate these flags in the browser, restart Chrome to apply the changes and voila.

How to easily send text to other devices from Chrome

Once we have activated this experimental function on our smartphone and / or on both computers, all we have to do is select any text from a website and click on it with the right button.

As we will see, an option will appear that will tell us “Copy to” followed by the name of the computer where we are going to copy the content. We simply click on this option and voila. Google sync services will send the selected text directly to the selected device. In it we can see a notification that will indicate that the text has been received and copied to the clipboard.

Google Chrome - Compartir portapapeles 3

Now we just have to press Control + V to paste that text wherever we want.

A curious alternative to Microsoft Cloud Clipboard

The latest versions of Windows 10 have a function that allows you to synchronize the clipboard with the Microsoft cloud and, through it, share it with other devices. A very useful and curious function that, together with the history of the clipboard , allows us to significantly improve our productivity, especially if we work with several devices or devices at the same time.

Now Google has done the same, but integrated into your Chrome browser. A very easy to use function that will be useful to many. An excellent addition to the function of sending URLs between devices.

In addition, for users concerned about privacy, Google ensures that this function is completely secure and data is sent between the two devices with end-to-end encryption. We don’t have to worry.