How to change the time on any smartwatch

The classic watches have been lagging a bit behind, and with the arrival of smartwatches or smartbands, we are seeing how users increasingly prefer to have a smart device on their wrists. Basically, because they bring all kinds of functions. However, there is always a question that everyone doubts: How to change the time on a wearable?

Although it may seem silly, the simple fact of knowing how to change the time of a smartwatch is important, especially when summer or winter approaches, since the time zone in Spain changes in one hour, either to advance or delay our clocks. For this reason, to clear up doubts, we will tell you how to change the time on a smart bracelet or watch. However, in most cases, the easiest thing will be to link the smart watch with the mobile so that it changes automatically without us always having to worry about it.

change the time on any smartwatch

Change the time from the phone

For many it will not be anything new, but the truth is that there are not a few users who do not know how to adjust it or have problems synchronizing the time of the smart watch. However, we already warned you that we will have little to do. Basically, because when you connect the smartwatch to the mobile , the time will change automatically. This means that the one we have on the phone, whether it is an Android or an iPhone, will change the one that comes on the wearable.

Xiaomi Smartwatch

Of course, to achieve this, we must have the accessory linked to the phone with the app of each manufacturer . Here we will have several options like Huawei Health, Mi Fit, Zepp, Wear OS, etc. In addition, when we modify it from the terminal itself, we must enter the software that we use on the smartphone if we see that it does not change after a few seconds, since the smartband has to be synchronized with the mobile.

Therefore, if we want to change the time of the smart watch , we must know how it has to be modified in the terminal itself. To make it clear to you, we will tell you all the steps that you will have to follow both on Android terminals and on Apple mobiles.

on Android

The process to change it on an Android phone, whether it is an OPPO, Xiaomi, Realme or any other brand that has this operating system, will be really simple and similar.

To achieve this, we only have to open the Settings application and enter the section called System. However, you can also use the quick search engine at the top of the settings to write ‘Date and time’.

cambio de hora manual móvil

Then, we will have to activate the options Use network time (so that it adjusts automatically) and Use the time zone provided by the network (this way you will avoid having to choose it manually), so that the system can directly use the network to the that the device is connected to modify these fields. And if we want to do it manually, it will be as easy as unchecking these options and setting it on our own.

on iPhone

In Apple mobiles, the truth is that things will not be much more complicated either. Therefore, if you want to change the time of a smartwatch from the iPhone, the best way to do it will be from the settings. Basically, because as we will see later, not all bracelets allow us to change it from the wearable’s own configuration.

hora iPhone

Therefore, in iOS, we must access its Settings> General> Date and time. Within this section, we can change the clock format . Also, if we deactivate the automatic adjustment for the time (which takes the information from our location and combines it with that offered by the network) we will be able to set the time manually, although with each time change we will have to repeat the process. So it will be in our hands to change it.

Can it be changed from the clock?

The answer is yes, but not all smart watches or smartbands that we find on the market allow us to adjust this. For example, Huawei, Amazfit or Xiaomi wearables will not let us configure this section from their own configuration. Instead, the Apple Watch, OPPO Watch or Galaxy Watch do offer us this change. Although, in the case of these two brands, it is because they share the Wear OS operating system.

on Apple Watch

Within the configuration of these smartwatches we find a setting that will allow us to change the time of the Apple Watch as we did in analog clocks. However, when making this modification manually, the truth is that only the sphere will be affected. What does this mean? Well, notifications or alerts from different apps on the terminal will continue to be received at the time set by the mobile .

Cambiar hora Apple Watch

So turn on the Apple Watch screen and go to Settings > Clock. There, at first, we will find that it marks ‘+0 min’, that is, the exact time that we have on the smartphone appears. Therefore, we only have to go from 1 minute to 59 minutes. In this case, we can only advance the time and not delay it. Once configured, click Adjust.

Watches with Wear OS

In the case of devices with Wear OS (Google’s operating system) such as OPPO Watch or Galaxy Watch, we can adjust the time of the smart watch when it is not connected to the smartphone.

To do this, we must go to the clock settings > tap on the gear icon. In the case of OPPO wearables, we must enter ‘System’ and, as for Samsung devices, we must look for the General section. Finally, within this section, we can find the Date and time function. There, we must select the Adjust / Set option so that we can change it as we want on the smartwatch. The steps vary as both devices use different customization layers, in this case ColorOS and One UI.

However, on other devices that we have not mentioned, you can try going into Settings> System/General and see if the Date and time option appears. Although, in any case, you can modify it from the mobile phone itself once you manage to link the activity bracelet to the mobile .

Why doesn’t it sync?

If you cannot get the time of the smartwatch to be synchronized with the mobile, the most effective way to change it correctly will be to unlink the smart watch from the mobile . Although, before that, the best thing you can do is restart the device, in addition to closing and reopening the app you use on the phone.

From a Huawei Watch

In the event that the clock is not synchronized with the mobile and, therefore, the time is not changed. You must unlink the smartwatch from the phone. In order to synchronize the time of the Huawei Watch, we will need to have the Chinese firm’s Health app. Something that you will already have downloaded, since it is necessary to connect the device to the smartphone.

Once inside the application, you must go to Devices > press on your smart watch > tap on the three dots> Unlink device . In this way, the phone will forget the smartwatch. Afterwards, you will have to re-link it.

Desvincular Huawei Watch

With an Apple Watch

In these Apple smartwatches, we must also go to the application within the iPhone. Then go to the My Watch tab > tap on the All Watches section > tap on the information button, which appears next to the device > click on the Unpair Apple Watch option. In our case, when we want to pair it with the terminal again, we must keep the data plan, if we had a device with data.

Developer: Apple

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An Amazfit smartwatch

As in the other smart watches that we are seeing, the Amazfit smartwatches are also unlinked from the app they use to connect to mobiles. In the case of these, we will have to use Zepp. The first thing will be enter the application> tap on the Profile tab> choose your connected device > scroll down to the bottom and click on Unlink . Then, pair the wearable with the terminal again so that the time is synchronized.

Desvincular reloj Amazfit

Developer: Huami Inc.

With a Galaxy Watch

On Samsung watches, it will depend on whether we use the Galaxy Wearable or Wear OS app. If we use the first application, we will have to enter that software > click on the three horizontal lines > Disconnect. Then, by re-pairing this device with the terminal, we will be able to change the time of the Galaxy Watch.

However, if we had linked the watch from Wear OS, we must go to the app > Advanced settings > Unpair watch and confirm it again. In this way, we will have already disconnected the Samsung smartwatch from the phone. Finally, we will only have to pair both devices again.

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A Mi Watch

If in your case you have a Xiaomi watch, surely you already know that they are not linked to Mi Fit, but Mi Fitness, or Xiaomi Wear is used. In any case, the steps will be practically the same to unlink the Chinese smartwatch. The first thing will be to enter the app> tap on the Profile tab> Additional settings > Unlink . In this way, you will have already disconnected from the mobile.

Mi Watch

Afterwards, we will only have to link both devices so that we can adjust the time of the Xiaomi clock without giving us a single error again.

On an OPPO Watch

As in the Galaxy Watch, with OPPO smartwatches, we will normally use the Wear OS app. Therefore, the steps that we must follow will be identical. The first thing will be to enter the app> tap on advanced settings > Unpair watch and confirm the action again so that it can be unpaired from the terminal.

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