How to fix a broken phone charger cable

The passage of time affects us all, not only the useful life of the smartphone, but also its charger. No matter how much we take care of it in the best possible way, it is difficult for it not to end up breaking with the daily use we make of this accessory. Before throwing it away and thus contributing to technological rights, the truth is that it is important that we take into account the different solutions that we are going to offer you to fix the broken cable.

In this way, we will be able to continue using it with measures that can be simple or more complicated depending on the situation of our cable. The charging input of our phone does not matter in any way, that is, it will not matter if it is Micro USB, Type C or even the Lightning of the iPhone. All of them can be fixed with patience and dedicating a bit of our time. Before trying to repair it, we must remove it from the power and from the mobile to avoid possible scares, especially if it is plugged into a socket. Well, our safety in charger repair will also be relevant at all times.

How to fix a broken phone charger cable

Fix small breaks

It is likely that our charger, or rather the cable itself, is not apparently very damaged and only suffers from specific failures that in most cases are due to a bend that prevents contact and, therefore, the current reaches our smartphone.

For these cases we will not need to take too many complications, since the only thing we have to do is reinforce the game that the cables make in the upper and lower part of it. And, to achieve this, we bring you the main products that will become our greatest ally in these situations.

Insulating tape, the homemade solution

Without the need to buy special tools we will be able to fix or rather reinforce our charger so that it continues to give us good results. Or at least until we buy a new one or even to prevent it from breaking with daily use. With the classic insulating tape that we usually find in all houses, the truth is that we are going to do a great job. This product will not help protect the cable without covering the USB input or the one we find at the other end. It will only be necessary to surround that area that is affected by the accessory.

cinta aislante

Special moldable putty

A more recommended option, and one that will offer us greater security when using the charger cable, will be the special putty that we can find on Amazon. It is specially prepared to be slightly moldable, in addition to giving us a higher resistance than that of the insulating tape.

How do we use it? We just have to place it in the upper and lower points where the charging cables do not work and we can use them again. And if it has broken in the middle of this accessory, calm down, because you will have to act the same, that is, you will have to mold the putty at that specific point until it protects that entire area.

With the dock of a mobile

Do you have a pen without ink at home? If it’s not the classic BIC, it’s time to give it a second life. You will need to remove the spring from a retractable tip and wrap the damaged cable in it. This way we will be able to reinforce it, just as we had done with the insulating tape. However, you should keep in mind that when these springs are stretched, they are not very stiff, so you should always be careful as well.

But, the best thing to do when thinking about how to fix a damaged mobile cable is to put a spring and then a heat-shrink tube to improve quality. The latter is also easily found, basically they are extensions with which we can cover the fix we just made.

wear a cord

We all, or at least most of us, have old sneakers or pants with laces. Here we can use it to save the smartphone charging cable .

In this case, we will have to cut the end of a cord that we have at home and remove the inner cord. Now, we must create a braid, that is, wrap the damaged area so that we can protect it and that it does not continue to bend more than necessary or its breakage opens. Finally, you will have to make a rigid knot so that it does not loosen.

How to completely repair it

If we find ourselves at the extreme point where our cable no longer even charges, and we see those inside it, we will have to get down to work in a more complex way. Well, at this point, we will have to go to a more expert level so that we can repair it. Also, if it doesn’t work for you, the worst that could happen is that it still doesn’t go on your device and you have to buy a new one. So you won’t lose anything by trying it on your own before you go on to buy a new one.

However, that does not mean that the methods that we are going to follow need special care, therefore, it will be better to do it together with someone knowledgeable in the matter, taking into account of course that if the process is not a success at least we will have tried.

To get the charger cable to work again we have to start by cutting about 5 centimeters below the break to find a part of it that is not completely damaged. Then, we will go on to peel this end with the help of pliers or a cutter. In this way we will be able to carefully see all those inside it.

cable roto

At this point, we warn you that the process will be the most complicated of all. Basically, because we have to remove all the cable that is left in the charging port of the charger. In this way, we will be able to expose all the tin contacts of this accessory.

Next, what we will do, always being very careful, will be to strip the small USB cables to expose the conductive copper and solder them to the charging port. In the following image we can see a clear example of how the final result would look after following the steps that we have just given you.

soldar cables cargador movi

In the previous image, for example, we can see USB Type C on the left, Micro USB and Lightning on the right that share colors. We must be careful when soldering them and not make mistakes, so we are going to detail in which position each cable goes next:

USB Type-C cable

  1. Black to the left of C1.
  2. Green.
  3. White splits into R1.

Micro USB or Lightning cable

  1. Positive or G: Red.
  2. White.
  3. Green.
  4. Negative or V: Black.


Everything will depend on your skills and, above all, if we already had a small welder at home. If not, we have already warned you that it will be much cheaper to buy a new cable to charge your mobile. There are many options that you will have available, from buying a compatible USB cable for the phone, to an original one from the brand of your smartphone. Basically, because it will be more expensive to buy the soldering iron first to try to repair the terminal charger.