How to update Xiaomi Mi Watch with Mi Fitness

After a long time pining for them, from 2020 the first 100% Xiaomi smartwatches were put on sale. Over time, different updates have come to wearables that add new functions. However, today, many users do not know how to update the Mi Watch or Mi Watch Lite , or any of the other models that are available.

And it’s normal. Basically, because Xiaomi had a fairly obvious chaos with its wearable devices and, above all, with its control apps. On the one hand, we have the Mi Fit app, in charge of managing everything we do with any version of the Mi Band, which has been renamed Zepp Life. However, if what we want is to configure an Amazfit watch, we will have to use another application that the Chinese firm has created by unifying other software that it had available in the application stores.

update Xiaomi Mi Watch with Mi Fitness

In the case of Xiaomi smartwatches , if in the past the app we used to update them depended on whether we had the device paired to an Android phone or an iPhone. Now, instead, we must use the same application. But don’t worry, so we will explain it to you in great detail so that you don’t have a single doubt.

The Xiaomi app you need

Xiaomi Wear was the app that we had to use to update Xiaomi watches , but the version has changed and is now called Mi Fitness. This app is a merger of two apps, the one just mentioned and Mi Healt.

Therefore, to control and update the Chinese firm’s Android smartwatch, we will have to download the Mi Fitness app, formerly known as Xiaomi Wear, from the Google Play Store, which is compatible with Android 4.4 or higher. Even if we enter the application store, we will see how its old name appears in parentheses. A good way to indicate the change that the Asian brand has made in terms of this software. Here we leave you its link so that you can download it or install the new version in your terminal:

In the case of the iPhone, we previously had to work with the ‘Lite’ version of the app, which is compatible with iOS 10 or later. However, it has also changed. So now we find it with the same name as on Android, My Fitness. Therefore, you can download it completely free of charge from this link:

Mi Fitness

How is it updated?

Within the Xiaomi smartwatch, we find two possibilities to update its operating system. The first of them will need the help of an app, in this case My Fitness, as we have seen. Therefore, we will give you the steps that you must follow to link the Mi Watch to the mobile. Although, there is also another alternative that allows us to download the latest firmware from the Chinese firm’s own smartwatch settings. So we will see two ways to get it quickly.

Synchronize the Mi Watch to the mobile

Obviously, the first thing you should do is have the watch synchronized with the mobile via Bluetooth. To do this, follow these steps:

Vincular Mi Watch con Mi Fitness

  1. Enable the Bluetooth feature on your Android phone or iPhone.
  2. Open the Mi Fitness app (previously known as Xiaomi Wear or Xiaomi Wear Lite) and sign in with your Xiaomi credentials.
  3. Inside the main menu, enter the ‘Device’ tab and tap on the ‘ Add device ‘ function by clicking on the ‘+’ icon and choose the model of your watch (Mi Watch or Mi Watch Lite).
  4. Bring the mobile close to the watch, touch OK and press on the Mi Watch screen on the option ‘ Link ‘ > ‘ Link ‘.
  5. If in your case the option ‘ Agree ‘ appears on the smartwatch panel, click on it.
  6. On the smartphone screen, accept the synchronization by clicking on ‘ Done ‘.

Download and install the update

Any Xiaomi Mi Watch model carries out its firmware update via OTA, but that does not mean that you do not have to do a couple of things to apply it to the watch.

Since the watch is linked with the Mi Fitness app, it is able to use the Wi-Fi of the mobile to locate updates. Therefore, if it is the first time that we link the Mi Watch to the smartphone, after configuring it, it will pop up on the phone screen that there is an update available > Download update package.

Mi Watch

Keep in mind that, for this to work, you must have the Mi Fitness app updated to the latest version, as it is in charge of receiving the new functions and sending them to the watch. You can check that you have the updated app from Play Store > tapping on your profile tab > Manage apps and devices > Available updates. In the case of the App Store, you will have to enter> touch your profile and see if you have a new version pending to install.

However, we can also update the Mi Watch, or another watch from the Chinese firm, from its own settings. To do this, we must slide the wearable panel up > click on Settings > System > About > System updates . In this way, you will get it to update without needing the help of the application. Of course, you must have the smartwatch connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

Why doesn’t it update?

Many users have reported that they have had problems installing a new firmware version on their Xiaomi smart watches. For this reason, we recommend that you update the clock from its own settings without actually using the app. In this way, you will avoid any type of failure. But, for this, you will need to have a Wi-Fi connection on the Asian brand’s wearable.

In addition, in the event that the ‘System updated’ message appears from the Mi Watch settings , you can always force it to download to the Chinese smart watch with a little trick. We must keep pressed on the blue tick until ‘Downloading update…’ appears. If it doesn’t work for you, try tapping this blue tick on the wearable screen several times.