Hidden Android 12 Features We Love

Hidden Android 12 Features We Love

Android 12 is a very different operating system than the current version of Google’s software. The new update comes loaded with new features such as a complete redesign of the system interface via Material You, but it also adds new privacy functions, notification control or the possibility of working with new multimedia file formats.

However, what we usually like the most is precisely what Google is silent about. That is, all those functions that the firm has not revealed but that we do dive into the betas of the operating system we can already find. These hidden functions are quite unknown by the general public, but they have fallen in love with us.

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And surely they will also do it with you as soon as you can update your smartphone.

Android 12 hidden features

When an update like Android 12 hits the market, there are hundreds of new features that are impossible for the brand to collect. Curiously, the ones that the manufacturer usually boast the most, are usually the least striking for users. If we delve into the features that are not announced, which are accessed by diving deeply into the update, we find great news such as a dedicated game mode in Android 12, greater control of notifications or a much more comfortable way to use the telephone.

  • Notification history : If you delete notifications without wanting to, in current versions of Android you will have to go to third-party apps to find the “logo” for lost alerts. Now this is included in the operating system in the form of history, where the last notifications received in the past 24 hours are collected. It is accessed from the bottom of the control center.
    historial notificaciones
  • One-handed mode renewed: The new one-handed mode moves the upper half of what is on the screen to the lower half, facilitating access to the control center, notification panel, and other apps hosted at the top of the screen. desk. You can enable it from Settings> System> Gestures> One-handed mode.
  • Automatic translation of apps : Just like Google Chrome allows you to change the language of the web pages we visit, Android 12 will automatically translate applications from another language into Spanish as soon as you open it.
  • Hidden “gaming” mode : Imitating what other layers of customization already offer, the latest version of Android has a Game mode that can be activated from a route, perhaps too complex: Settings> Notifications> Do not disturb> Settings> Game mode . Here you can configure the fps rate to be displayed on the screen, record the screen, transmit your games or configure mobile alerts.
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  • Adaptive connectivity : Android 12, from the Wi.Fi and Networks options, allows you to switch between 5G, LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity to save battery. Now it also understands usage scenarios, such as when we use Android Auto or are in the middle of a game. It is a function that is currently present in the Google Pixel, but it could be extended to more devices.